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Brevity and language power are poet's tools Eighty uses to craft solid, influential text. He writes about education, food, poetry, cigars, drinks and football. He has adapted to the modern utilization of keywords, SEO and front-loaded writing. Building to a climax is no longer the game. A piece must start strong and grab interest or be ignored.
He writes for his wife and children, who are fascinating bilingual people.


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Eighty is a Seattle Seahawks fan deep into the team and the sport. He worked his way up from contributor to editor at The Penalty Flag. He is currently working with Rant Sports, a larger and more professional organization. He sees the larger lessons in the world of athletic competition and attempts to share them without being didactic.


Eighty writes about poetry, poets, writing tips, online education and the changing education industry. His own bilingual children are part of his motivation. He loves precise use of language. The rapidly evolving education world fascinates him.


Eighty has worked on the front lines of the hospitality business his whole life. The characters serving and being served fascinate him. His ear for dialogue and eye for personality developed in the F&B industry.

On his own time, he loves to cook for his family. He motivates himself through the work week by dreaming of the meat marinating in his fridge. His oldest son has food allergies, forcing him to be adaptive and creative.

He was once the fastest and most improvisational bartender around. He makes drinks with heart and also efficiency. Ask not if the cocktail takes too long. Rather, streamline your production and build the drink faster.

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