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Carmen has been an online content and business writer for more than three years, and he's successfully completed more than 5,000 online profiles for business, both large and small.
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He specializes in writing 200-300 word articles for companies that want to improve their online capacity and attract local and global customers.


He's interested in sports and home improvement.


Slippery Rock University

In the educational field, Carmen has a Master's degree, two Bachelor's degrees, and a minor in Spanish.

Real Estate

150 Projects Completed

Carmen has written hundreds of articles for mortgage lenders and financial institutions whose primary goal is to attract future clients. He follows certain formulas to get the personalized touch that each of the companies deserve.

He has been actively involved with my mother and the real estate game. As a licensed realtor, she'd teach all of the tricks-of-the-trade that helped him to understand the industry better. He would attend open houses with her at an early age, go to meetings with the client's permission and help to double-check all documentation before making any decisions.

Carmen has develped a passion for teaching and writing, but he uses his background knowledge of the real estate process to enhance his personal writing prowess. He works on a daily basis with at-large companies to create SEO driven content to the client's website.


20 Projects Completed

Carmen's life is in education, and his experiences are plentiful. He has two children of his own. Each of his children have taught him how to be a better person, dad, teacher, and husband. They have shared their talents with him, and they are part of the reason that he loves writing in this genre.

He is a family-oriented individual and always has been. As a teacher, he constantly creates information for parents, teachers, and the general school population. It is his pleasure to bring new ideas, creative visions, and a love of learning to as many people as possible.


11 Projects Completed

Carmen is an enthusiastic writer who enjoys helping others to succeed. He has experience writing in the areas of elementary, special, and bilingual education. His thought process is typically more creative than others, so he finds unique ways to educate. From Kindergarten through 12th grade, he will find a way to help your student achieve his/her goals.

Web Page

5,000 Projects Completed

Carmen has written high-quality content for numerous online companies. He can write impeccable, detailed content quickly in the fields of real estate, home improvement, education, and creative writing. For more than three years, his content has been highly regarded by editors and company leaders.

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