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Grace is a freelance writer who has had a steady interest in health and nutrition for approximately twenty years. She has written hundreds of articles on the subject for online publication, and she plans to write hundreds more. When this seasoned writer produces an article she makes it interesting, informative, professional sounding, and easy to comprehend. Writing product descriptions also interests her as she possesses a natural talent and passion for creative writing. The use of keywords makes her articles easy to find on the internet.


Grace specializes in writing articles on health and nutrition, but she also has an interest in creative writing and has written several product descriptions. Other forms of creative writing produced by Grace and published include illustrated books for children and poetry.


Besides having a strong interest in writing and the English language, Grace is also interested in holistic therapies like reflexology and reiki. She currently practices both of these natural forms of healing on a professional level. Cooking is also one of her interests.


Stratford Career Institute

The Natural Health Consulting course Grace took with the Stratford Career Institute accelerated her interest in health, nutrition, and holistic healing therapies. The course inspired her to share her knowledge with interested individuals through writing.

Gloria Francis School of Makeup Artistry

Grace studied skin care at the Gloria Francis School of Makeup Artistry. She learned all there is to know about giving facials, waxing, and how to apply makeup. She also learned how to care for facial skin.

The Institute of Children's Literature

The education Grace received at The Institute of Children's Literature introduced her to writing. It helped her self-publish two illustrated children's books on Amazon. This course also gave her the confidence she needed to successfully write for adults.

Lorraine Saluzzi

After learning how to channel reiki energy for the purpose of helping the body heal itself naturally, Grace was initiated for reiki I and II. After initiation she started practicing reiki on a professional level.

Shen Do Institute

Grace studied the art of reflexology. She learned how to use specific hand and finger techniques on the feet to stimulate healing through the reflexes in this area of the body. Today she works as a part-time reflexologist.


100 Projects Completed

Grace has written numerous articles on health. Some were about anorexia nervosa and its effects on the body, psoriasis, and macular degeneration. When she writes, symptoms of the condition as well as actions that can be taken to cure the illness and/or alleviate the symptoms are included.


100 Projects Completed

Grace has a deep understanding of nutrition and its effect on health. She knows how important a good diet is, and she wants everyone else to know. For this reason this author has written about the health benefits that come with eating foods like legumes, avocados, carrots, and cinnamon. These are just a few nutritional foods she has written about. This nutrition conscious writer knows there will always be a demand for articles on this important topic and plans to take part in satisfying that demand.


53 Projects Completed

Aside from writing, Grace provides skin care. She is a licensed esthetician who knows much about skin conditions and how to treat them. Her expertise on this very popular topic has helped her produce many informative and interesting articles.


9 Projects Completed

Grace has been writing for about 20 years. She is an experienced general writer, copywriter, creative writer, and blogger.

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