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Laura R. is an English teacher with 11 years' experience educating teenagers about grammar, literature, MLA and APA formatting, creative writing and proofreading. During that time, she has written new curriculum and teacher's manuals on internet research, plagiarism, poetry and short stories. She has also worked as an online English and SAT tutor, utilizing classroom software and real-time editing.


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Laura specializes in early education articles targeting parents of children in preschool and grade school. Whether the client asks for book reviews, craft ideas or milestone developments, Laura backs up her articles with scholarly resources.


Laura's writing explores the adventures of the ordinary magician: the mom. From dealing with sibling rivalries to wrestling with family nutrition, Laura delivers a unique perspective on industry-backed tips and tricks, all through the engaging and friendly voice of a fellow mother.


As a livelong lover of world travel, Laura paints her writing with the colors of the culture. Even with unfamiliar destinations, she strives to capture the essence of the city rather than the simple statistics.

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