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Bruce L
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Bruce L. has over thirty five years of practical experience in business development, sales, technical sales management and marketing. He is able to convey technical and business related material in a way that business owners, managers and senior level executives appreciate.

He spent over twenty years selling, managing others and creating marketing materials for Fortune Fifty Companies like IBM and Digital Equipment (DEC) selling to companies like Carrier, United Technologies, Eastman Kodak, Alcoa and others.

He also spent fifteen years creating and managing several smaller businesses including a website development company, a "for hire" outbound call center, an IT Services Company, a Market Research and Business Development Firm, a Small Business Resource Center and a Business Networking Company.

As an entrepreneur he created business plans, website content, power point presentations, press releases, blog posts and other specialized content with a concentration on technology, sales and marketing.

He has developed and written countless articles, white papers, web pages, BLOG postings, training guides, sales collateral and more. He has expertise in and has written articles in the areas of business development, sales coaching, mentoring, manufacturing, retail, management consulting, finance, banking, construction, wholesale distribution, high technology, computers, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, engineering, process control, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Learning Management Systems (LMS), government, trade regulations, litigation, malpractice, insurance, oil and gas, transcription services, fire safety, fire training, software development, tax law, insurance claims adjusting, IT services, network management, managed services, accounting, bookkeeping, small business growth, marketing, hospital administration, hospital management, software for hospitals, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SAAS), statistics, Computer Based Training (CBT), Integrated Learning Systems (ILS), computer backup strategies, HVAC, Plumbing, General Contracting, Residential Contracting, Remodeling, Green Building, college, university, personnel, Human Resources, training, enabling technologies, change consulting, 7 Habits of Highly Influential People, One to One Marketing, Who Moved the Cheese, One to One Marketing, sales training programs, skills development, leadership consulting and more.
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Bruce specializes in translating technology and technical materials into business English. He conveys difficult materials in a manner that is easy to comprehend and understand.

He is a thorough researcher and quick study, able to find materials on nearly any subject and convert it into meaningful content for the reader.

He focuses on delivering a message that is readable by everyone yet targeted at decision makers who understand "bottom line" terminology.

He has created marketing collateral from scratch including content, images and packaging.

He also is a "power user" of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Project Manager and more.

Although a sales person at heart, he is highly technical and able to articulate a message that all readers can understand and act upon.


Writing! Bruce loves to research and write on virtually any topic. Sales, marketing, website development, technology in general, computers, business networking, all sports (high school and college football and basketball player), golf (50 years) guitar (40 years), avid reader of business books, follows emerging technologies, student of business in all forms.

Married for over 40 years, father of 3 daughters and "Papa" to six grandchildren.


Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

Bruce concentrated on developing a good understanding of the world of business with course work in management, accounting, economics, finance, law and organizational development.

Syracuse University DLU

Although no longer fluent, Bruce L. participated in an intensive 9 month 5 days a week 8 hours a day Russian Language program while in the U.S. Air Force. He received a Top Secret Security Clearance and monitored Russian Air to Ground communication while stationed in Berlin, Germany.


335 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has been translating technology into "Business English" since 1975. He prides himself on being able to understand the underlying technology in computers, telecommunications, networking, software and then boil these technical concepts down into what really matters, answering questions like:

"What is the bottom line?"
"How will this help my business?"
"Will this save me money and how?"

He can take computers apart and put them back together again. He understands business analysis, software development, project management, networking - virtually everything there is to know about computers. networking and systems.

Web Development

204 Projects Completed

As the founder and managing partner of a website development company, Bruce L. created website content for well over 250 different clients in about 50 different industry segments.

He and his staff conducted interviews, completed competitive and background research and then created an average of 10-15 original content web pages for each client.


68 Projects Completed

Bruce L has created white papers, brochures, online marketing articles, rack cards, emails and more. He has been creating marketing materials of all kinds since 1988 in both corporate and small business environments. He uses Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power Point and other tools.


67 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has minored in Finance in college and has been very actively involved in the investment community for many years. He worked in a bank for two years and has two active projects where he is converting technical industry jargon into what he calls "Business English." In another project he is providing materials about private equity and other alternative investment vehicles to prospective investors. The sample article explains "real asset" classes that are available from one client.


64 Projects Completed

Bruce developed business plans and marketing collateral for over 10 separate businesses from 1995 to the present. He developed power point presentations, PDF documents, marketing brochures, press releases and more.

During that time, he honed his ability to deliver a "clear and powerful message" to promote his own businesses and the clients he represented.

High Tech

57 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has created countless brochures, marketing articles and web pages for technology companies over the years.

He has a proven ability to translate technology into business English with a focus on delivering high impact, bottom line messages to decision makers.


48 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has been selling software and services for over 25 years. He created website content for several software development companies and as a broad understanding of the industry.


33 Projects Completed

Bruce L. created all the website content for two companies in the construction industry. One was a Design/Build Architect Contractor and the other specialized in retail build outs. He researched, interviewed and created the entire content for 20-25 page websites.


28 Projects Completed

As a founding member of a call center, Bruce L. set appointments for over 50 insurance agents. As part of the work he did for the agencies, he created scripts about commercial property and casualty insurance. His father was also and Independent Insurance Agent so he is well versed in the terminology of the industry.


27 Projects Completed

As a business owner since 1998, Bruce L. is familiar with all aspects of creating and managing a business. This certainly includes setting up administrative functions, bookkeeping, personnel policies, employee handbooks, phone systems, training manuals and more.


26 Projects Completed

Bruce L. was responsible for creating sales and marketing plans that targeted high end manufacturing companies like Carrier Air Conditioning, Aluminum Company of America, Eastman Kodak and others.

During that time, he developed a very good understanding of the terminology associated with both discrete and process manufacturing.

He worked with engineering departments on CAD/CAM, manufacturing departments on process control systems, ERP and more. He worked at all levels from user to senior level executive.

He was treated to countless manufacturing plant tours and learned virtually everything about how to smelt aluminum and manufacture air conditioners and film processing equipment.


25 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has written several articles for several different attorneys. Several were focused on malpractice, others were about Maritime Law and DWI. He studied law in college and as a small business owner, created many contracts.


16 Projects Completed

Bruce L. had a major utility as a customer while working for Digital Equipment many years ago. As such, he was exposed to many aspects of the industry including process control in a nuclear plant, the use of advanced technology in monitoring centers and more. He has also worked with all types of utility contractors including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors.

While working with these contractors he developed an understanding of what is important to them and their clients. Clients want reliable, on time service. He has also completed several recent assignments relating to the Oil and Gas Industry. One of these article focused on some of the industries that are emerging from fracking operations. (See example)


14 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has been involved in high technology sales for over 25 years and has witnessed dramatic changed in the electronics industry. He prides himself on being able to translate technical jargon into what he calls "Business English". He understands the electronics industry from the circuit board to the cell tower and everything in between. In one recdent article he explained how advanced fixturing is streamlining Surface Mount Technology and the Printed Circuit Board industry. He has also written several articles in recent weeks about how electronics are now being miniaturized and embedded in everything pacemakers and pill sized cameras that when swallowed travel through the digestive and send back real time images.

Consumer Goods

10 Projects Completed

As the founder and managing partner in a Website Development company, Bruce L. created website content for multiple consumer goods companies including a vineyard, a natural food store, an online jewelry store, an auto parts company and more.


8 Projects Completed

Bruce L. recently completed an assignment to assess how recent technology advancements may effect the pharmaceutical industry. There are several technologies converging; mobile computing (smart phones and tablet computers), cloud computing, embedded devices, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the Internet of Things (IoT).The combined impact of these technologies is changing how virtually every industry must approach the future. Pharma is no exception. Miniaturization of integrated circuits will impact data collection, clinical trials, delivery methods and more.


5 Projects Completed

Bruce L. was a high school and college athlete primarily competing in Basketball, Football and Golf. He was the MVP for Golf and Basketball, all conference for Basketball and Football and District Champion for Golf his senior year in high school. He is a baseball, golf, football and basketball fan at all levels. He has also coached, played golf for nearly 40 years and worked in a golf pro shop for two years.


3 Projects Completed

Bruce L. recently completed as assignment to asses the impact of gamification on education. As reported by The Guide to Online Schools, "6.7 million students have enrolled in at least one online course during the fall 2011 term. That's nearly one-third of all students currently enrolled in some sort of higher education. That's 570,000 more students than the previous year."


2 Projects Completed

Bruce L. worked in the marketing department of First Bank System for two years. He also worked in the check processing department for two years while attending college. He came to understand Demand Deposit, Loans Processing, Savings and other facets of the industry.

Then worked with the Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President of Marketing for a billion dollar Bank Holding Company to introduce a new product offering. Although very young and green, he learned a great deal about banking and marketing during his time in that position.

Green Living

2 Projects Completed

Bruce L. is working with a client who wants to encourage his followers to purchase products manufactured in the U.S. and Canada because of the positive impact on the economy and the environment. As part of the research for this project he identified multiple sources of information to support green living. He also researched green building and came very close to living a totally green community at one time but it was unfortunately too far away from metro areas and transportation.

Green Products

2 Projects Completed

Bruce L. is working with a client who wants to encourage his followers to purchase products manufactured in the U.S. and Canada because of the positive impact on the economy and the environment. As part of the research for this project he identified multiple sources of information to support green living. He also researched green building and came very close to living a totally green community at one time but it was unfortunately too far away from metro areas and transportation.


1 Projects Completed

Bruce has worked with many individuals over the years mentoring them in their career choices and strategies. Part of that effort included the creation and editing of resumes and cover letters.

Self Help

1 Projects Completed

Bruce L. is an avid student of sales motivation and has created several presentations over the years. He has conducted over 50 sales seminars during his career many with the them of self improvement. His most recent event was "Tips for Growing Your Business in a Down Economy." He conceptualized and created the seminar that was attended by over 75 business owners.

Blog Post

311 Projects Completed

Bruce L. has created 100's of blog posts for multiple clients over the years. They vary from short concise, high impact articles to longer articles designed to provide information and education.


81 Projects Completed

Bruce writes concise articles that tell a story. He delivers a clear and powerful message translating technical jargon into business English.

Once he understands the goal of the article, he conducts research, collects relevant information and weaves the collected information into his story.

He captures the attention of the intended audience, draws them into his story and delivers a clear call to action.


14 Projects Completed

In 2001, Bruce's Hematologist told him he had six months to live and to "get his affairs in order." He and his wife developed "A Personal Wellness Plan" that saved his life.

"Aplastic Anemia and Autoimmune Diseases" describes the plan, dealing with the illness and offers advice to others.

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