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Brandon is a writer educated by practical writing experience, academia and a varied work history. His early life was rural, where he learned what it meant to work hard and be a team member as part of the agricultural field and a respectable student athlete. In college, he gained vital research skills and perspective from an MA program abroad and 4 years in the service industry as a host, server, and bartender for Darden Restaurants, Inc. His career since has included an internship for a private legal practice, full-time work for Special School District, 2+ years in the field of elementary education, and 4+ years as a freelance writer. He has also coached baseball and ultimate Frisbee.

A passion for writing is a notable trait. Those who thrive on 'making it better' show the skills required to achieve success for any detailed task. They have the patience and presence of mind to bend ideas and tweak details until the proper combination is found; the technical and organizational skills to lay a foundation that requires little work; and a clear, informed psycho-social lens to effectively target writing.

Brandon holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester's Centre for New Writing and a BA in English from the University of Missouri.


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Summary of Industry Experience


As a member of the field, Brandon's writing experience has come mostly from the inside of Special School District and elementary schools. He has created materials, drafted team communications, and been an active part of local public relations. His insight into the structure of education systems, the legal advantages and barriers involved, and Special Education experience make Brandon an informed resource for education-oriented projects.


As a host, server, and bartender Brandon learned much about the restaurant industry. It features a complicated supply chain that forces a good business to be a cost-effective one. Successful staffing is largely based on intangible personality traits and mental organization, leaving it hard to collect data from customers who experience a variety of personal interactions. Brandon used his knowledge of the industry to craft correspondence that reaches his coworkers.


Brandon has played pc, console, and board games for over two decades. He has written strategy guides for MMO characters classes (most extensively WoW), game reviews for multiple platforms, walkthroughs, fan fiction, and been a member of several gaming forums. The lack of paid projects roots from work that was self-initiated and pro bono.

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