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Andrew S
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Since he began working in content marketing in June 2014, Andrew has completed thousands of assignments through WriterAccess and other marketing sites. He has written blog posts, articles, web pages, white papers, and grant proposals. His specialties include history, finance, healthcare, and the environment, though he is happy to learn and write about any topic at a moment's notice.

Before he got into content marketing, Andrew was a staff writer for The Pilot, a community newspaper in Moore County, North Carolina. He wrote on everything from business ventures to arts festivals to environmental initiatives to political controversies. He later interned at the Institute for Commonwealth Studies, a London-based think-tank that publishes research on the history of the Commonwealth of Nations. He worked at Mount Vernon, where he gave tours while studying and writing about the eighteenth-century anti-slavery movement in Virginia. He then worked as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, where he taught classes and led English-speaking activities in a rural Malaysian community.

In 2018, Andrew began attending New York University School of Law. He has studied a wide range of legal topics, including immigration law, election law, administrative law, property law, and the law of evidence. He has interned with Essex-Newark Legal Services, a housing law nonprofit based in Newark, New Jersey; and with the Legal Aid Society Immigration Law Unit, which provides deportation defense and other immigration law services in New York City. Andrew has extensive experience briefing legal arguments, having written briefs and other legal documents for submission to New York Family Court, immigration court, and the Board of Immigration Appeals.
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