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Since he began working in content marketing in June 2014, Andrew has completed more than 1,300 assignments through WriterAccess and other marketing sites. He has written blog posts, articles, web pages, white papers, and grant proposals. His specialties include history, finance, healthcare, and the environment, though he is happy to learn and write about any topic at a moment's notice.

Before he got into content marketing, Andrew was a staff writer for The Pilot, a community newspaper in Moore County, North Carolina. He wrote on everything from business ventures to arts festivals to environmental initiatives to political controversies. He later interned at the Institute for Commonwealth Studies, a London-based think-tank that publishes research on the history of the Commonwealth of Nations. He worked at Mount Vernon, where he gave tours while studying and writing about the eighteenth-century anti-slavery movement in Virginia. He then worked as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, where he taught classes and led English-speaking activities in a rural Malaysian community.
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Andrew is skilled in academic, journalistic, and promotional writing, as well as historical and political research, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and Google AdWords advertising. He is proficient in Portuguese and Spanish, literate in French, and learning to speak Malay.


Andrew enjoys reading fiction, poetry, historical research, and social science studies. His favorite literary and historical topics include Western imperialism, economics, race, and gender. He also enjoys debating, cooking, and learning languages.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Andrew graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in History and English. His final GPA was 3.93. He graduated with Honors in History for his thesis on 19th-century British racial politics. He received the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a grant of $3000, to finance research for this thesis. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.


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Andrew spent three months as an intern for the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, a London-based think tank tank that publishes research on the history of the Commonwealth of Nations. His main job was to summarize the most contentious issues discussed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGMs) over the past forty years. His work is featured in the Commonwealth Oral History Project.


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Andrew worked for Mount Vernon, the historic home of George Washington. His main job was to provide tours of Washington's gristmill and distillery to visitors. This entailed cleaning and running the gristmill so that guests could see how eighteenth-century milling worked. He also researched and wrote a study of the anti-slavery movement in 18th-century Virginia.

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When writing web pages, Andrew is careful to balance aesthetic appeal with depth and breadth of information. Through careful use of transitions, turns of phrase, and references to popular, related issues, he gives readers massive amounts of information without boring or tiring them. He has written pages for law firms, home improvement companies, dentists, cable directories, retail outlets, and trucking companies.

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Andrew has written blog posts about car maintenance, cosmetics, business management, dining, and a myriad of other topics. He uses this format to communicate casually with readers, providing them with information without making them feel ignorant. He is thus able to gain readers' trust, gradually winning them over to the cause or position he is blogging about.


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Andrew has written hundreds of articles over the course of his career, covering everything from finance to wildlife to medicine to trade school trade-offs. He prides himself on his ability to quickly research information and synthesize it in a way that any reader can understand. In less than an hour, he can write an engaging, detailed, carefully fact-checked article about a subject of which he had no prior knowledge.

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