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Christine has 4 years of professional experience in a variety of online media, from press releases to social media management, copywriting to editing. She has managed clients as large as The Copacabana nightclub in New York City to as small as local restaurants, lawyers and various other service industries. She has had roles from copywriting to managing a full content team of writers, as well as account management and overall social media reputation management, working to ensure leads, engagement and growth.

She runs a fashion blog with a partner that covers latest trends, New York events and styles in other cities in her spare time and loves using her knowledge of the industry for further work.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods20+
  • Travel7
  • Fashion2

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Christine has worked on copy for a variety of clients in her full time work at internet marketing agencies. She's written copy for, but not limited to; Giant Vintage Sunglasses, Safari Helicopters, Blanket America, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, and more.


Christine has worked with a handful of travel copy sites freelance and has created travel guides both for her home city of New York as well as variety of small towns across the country from Utah to Michigan. She has experience in heavy research so that her guides sound knowledgeable and first-hand.


Christine has been running a fashion blog since July of 2013, keeping content fresh and new a few times a week. She attends fashion press events in New York City, works closely with brands to promote items and covers trends in various cities and countries as she travels.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Twitter Post20+
  • Facebook Post20+
  • Email Copy20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Christine has written and maintained blogs for a variety of clients during her work as a copywriter and content manager at a Brooklyn based agency, on a variety of topics from medical supplies to fashion to tax law, all with keyword optimization and clear, relevant topics. Her proficiency in research as well as writing engaging copy has led her to a large array of blogging experience.

Twitter Post

Christine has experience writing copy for and fully managing Twitter accounts, creating engagement, starting conversations with other users, monitoring and reporting on Twitter stats and writing 15+ posts a week for clients.

Facebook Post

Christine has worked as a social reputation manager for upwards of 20 clients in her previous full time employment, writing 4-5 Facebook posts a day for each and monitoring engagement, reviews and fan increase for clients like Safari Helicopters, The Copacabana Night Club, Ballaro Italian Wine Bar and various other companies around the country.

Email Copy

Worked on email copy for a variety of clients, with short email newsletters sent out through a CMS platform 2 times a month for upwards of 20 clients.

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