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Michelle has extensive experience in crafting white papers for relating to both healthcare and human resources. Previous white papers include High Risk Pregnancy, Malpractice Insurance for Nurses and Handling Difficult Patients. Additionally, she has written blog posts, web pages and articles on healthcare topics such as ACA, Medigap coverage and types of diets. Michelle has a medical background having worked as an EMT and currently holds a license from the Ohio Medical Board for Massage Therapy.


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Michelle has a unique approach to writing about health related topics. Using her expertise from her years as an employee benefits specialist as well as her experience as a licensed massage therapist, she is able to take topics ranging from insurance to complementary therapies and craft articles with substance. She was written several whitepapers on nursing strategies and the Affordable Care Act.


Michelle has over fifteen years in the finance industry with experience in insurance, banking and financial services. She has worked with all types of employee benefit plans including defined contribution plans, COBRA, disability, life and flexible spending plans. Her background includes working with mutual funds, life insurance, stocks, bonds and annuities.

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Michelle has written white papers for one of the premier white paper brokers in the industry. The majority of her work focuses on healthcare. She has written on topics such as nursing malpractice, the Affordable Care Act and various medical conditions. She is a thorough researcher and maintains contact with her clients throughout the process.

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