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Robin is an accomplished author. As a freelance writer and editor with over a decade of experience contributing to magazines, newspapers, books, and websites, she has a passion for sharing news and views. While Robin has written articles on hundreds of topics, she has specific expertise in vegetarian living, vegan nutrition, fitness, weight issues, travel, relationships, movies, dance, theater, art, entertainment, movies, acting, beauty, teen issues, effective altruism, activism, and charity.

In addition to her work for some of the most recognizable publishers in the world, Robin has recently sold her first children's book to a publisher. Robin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in writing.


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As a professional, SAG-eligible actress, Robin has a lot of real world experience in the entertainment business. Beyond that, Robin has successfully written about entertainment for over a decade. She did an article on Chloe Lattanzi, the popular singer-songwriter who also happens to be Olivia Newton-John's daughter, for "The Malibu Times." She wrote the biography for Melissa Gilbert's official website, and she has also written several articles for the official website of James Cameron's "Avatar."


Robin would travel all the time if that was a practical way for her to live. She has extensive travel experience and almost always enjoys writing about her experiences. She loves traveling by planes, trains, buses, and cars. She has written about all of these travel methods and more.

Professionally, Robin has written on travel for clients like the USA Today website and leading travel guides. She likes to write first-person pieces as well as more general articles about exciting destinations. Robin is pretty much up for any type of travel writing.


Robin has been collecting workout videos since she was a preteen. That's also when she started her first diet. She has written about her own experiences and struggles with weight, fitness, and the popular conflation of those two. She has also written professionally about dozens of fitness topics, including weight training, workout tips, and injury prevention.

Robin is happy to write about a variety of fitness topics. She has written for leading fitness publications in the past, and she can cover the topic from an objective or personal point-of-view.

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