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Theresa has always enjoyed writing. In school she relished any writing task assigned. When she taught school, she incorporated writing into any assignment possible. Even her first graders had 'Creative Writing Day' every Wednesday. They wrote little stories and then transferred them to books in the shape of something that related to the story. Theresa thought it was fun, however substitute teachers complained to the administration that it was the hardest job they'd ever done.

The year Theresa was preparing for retirement, she realized it was time to fulfill her life-long dream. She began writing and submitting to publishers directly. Every story was accepted. Later Theresa discovered that one should really go through an agent first.

Theresa began freelance writing in 2012. She writes articles, blogs, press releases, FAQs, and fiction stories. She writes to please the client, but will ask questions and do a little guidance if she feels the assignment is not going to serve in the client's best interest. A few clients have discovered, through her guidance, that what they requested was detrimental to their business. Adjustments were made and the client looked professional when Theresa finished the writing assignment.

Theresa is still working on her SEO education. She has been guided in SEO work by some of the same clients she advised in other writings. While she has learned a lot, she still needs guidance and appreciates any instructions she receives. She is not afraid to rewrite something to please the client.

Theresa is punctual and reliable. She thinks clear communication is the way for a client and writer to complete an assignment quickly. The more information Theresa has about the assignment, the more quickly and efficiently she can complete it. Once she understands the assignment and timeline, Theresa will work diligently to please the client.


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Theresa F's Press Release Product Experience

75 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Theresa has written at least 75 press releases. She has a list of URLs given by an SEO firm. She completes the press releases when due and submits them to the client. Sometimes the client asks for something specific. Most of the time Theresa is expected to find the topic to release.

Industry Projects

  • Home Living20+
  • Hobby10+
  • Education2

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Theresa has written original recipes both for pay and for her personal website. She challenges herself to use ingredients in the pantry to create the new recipes. The real challenge is describing the steps with enough clarity for the reader to imagine and complete the steps. She includes at least one recipe in every book she publishes.

Theresa loves crafting and tends to look at trash and wonder how it can be used in a craft project. She has written about these crafts online and in her published books.

Theresa has written about designing and sewing clothes for premature babies after her grandson was born weighing 1 lb. 4 oz.

Theresa's experience in behavior modification has given her the opportunity to write about raising children. She has been asked and given advise in that area of Home and Family Living.


Theresa, a craft enthusiast and master problem solver, has written over 100 recipes. She has used her creative ability to describe these recipes online and in blogs. She designed table clothes for outdoor parties to prevent the wind from blowing them away. The directions were written and well received online. Some of her house remodeling projects have been featured online.


Theresa, a retired educator, has written curriculum for over 100 students with disabilities. When Theresa began teaching special education there was no curriculum for that population. Special Education teachers improvised, modified, and wrote their own curriculum. This was done on an individual basis for each student to focus on his or her individual strengths and disabilities. Theresa has written curriculum for reading, language arts, math, social studies, social skills, etiquette, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release50+
  • Article5
  • Catalog2

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Theresa has written over 100 blog posts for clients. The clients give her a list of keywords and URLs, and allow her to write as she see fit. Some require a certain reading level while others have no restrictions except be 100% original.

Press Release

Theresa has written at least 75 press releases. She has a list of URLs given by an SEO firm. She completes the press releases when due and submits them to the client. Sometimes the client asks for something specific. Most of the time Theresa is expected to find the topic to release.


Theresa and her husband wrote an article for the local newspaper. The county agent needed an article about gardening and Theresa's husband informed the agent that she could do it. Theresa and her husband worked on the project together. He researched and gave advice on how the scientific terminology should be worded and she wrote the article so it could be read by even the worst gardener in the world.


Theresa wrote catalog descriptions for supplements on a health website. She was given the list of formula names only. To complete the assignment she researched the products and wrote the descriptions including scientific names, formulas, and warnings. Caution was required due to writing about the health of people. Theresa diligently wrote and researched to be certain she was giving accurate information.

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