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Brianna is a graduate of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Advertising at the S.I Newhouse School of Public Communication. She began writing in the seventh grade, mostly creative writing and fan fiction. In high school, she moved onto nonfiction in the form of the school newspaper and research articles. She has tutored in English on and off for over four years. Brianna is looking for a chance to expand her knowledge on writing for a variety of clients in order to challenge her writing skills and broaden her experience on filling diverse orders by a deadline. She has also interned as a copywriter at Eric Mower + Associates, the largest advertising agency in Syracuse, New York and Publicis North America in NYC, working on brands like Champion, Garnier, Tampax, and Vicks.


Brianna thrives with popular culture impacting this generation and what influences 18-24 to buy products, visit certain websites, and engage in certain social behaviors. A young adult demographic is her primary target for what she writes. By adding humor, narrative voice, and engaging diction, Brianna creates a conversational and trusting tone with her readers.


Brianna's interests are varied and broad, including subjects such as early childhood development, psychology, global issues, education, entertainment (books, film, and theater), social networking, archery, candle-making, and donut-eating, and, of course, writing (both fiction and nonfiction).


Armstrong Atlantic State University

Brianna pursued her degree in English during her time at Armstrong; however, she will be transferring to Syracuse University for the Fall 2014 term. While at Armstrong, she was an active participant in the Honors Program and was on the Dean's List.

Syracuse University

Brianna is pursuing a degree in Advertising at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.


34 Projects Completed

Brianna has written several product descriptions for craft products for online websites in order to increase customer engagement and interests in products. She's written about products everywhere between erasers and paint to DVDs about wealth in China.


10 Projects Completed

Several entertainment articles have been written on a variety of subjects ranging from celebrity news to political analysis. However, Brianna has much more experience with film, television, and theater reviews due to a background in film studies, theater appreciation, and art history.


6 Projects Completed

Brianna has written for blogs giving relationship advice for a couple of years. She has also engaged in marital research for women studies as well as global perspectives research concerning marriage, looking at how marriage is viewed differently in individualistic and collectivistic countries. Brianna has also studied and written about child development and psychology in order to demonstrate the different practices of child rearing in countries such as Mexico, China, and Cambodia. Brianna has also written many articles on bullying and parental relationships on


3 Projects Completed

A number of articles and research papers have been written concerning women with an emphasis on societal expectations of women. Brianna's work primarily focuses on research about women's rights in accordance to how they are portrayed in the media. She has also written a handful of articles on women's health and contraception with young adults.


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