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The key to engaging customers through SEO content isn't incorporating keywords. It's creating engaging, readable online content that compels people to read it all the way to the end. As an experienced freelance writer, I have published newspaper articles and blog posts for various style and beauty websites. Bringing a creative approach to the same topics that other websites are covering is nothing new for me. I am also the author of three non fiction books, published by Atlantic Publishing. For each of these books I was provided a short general description and I was then responsible for creating the outline and content. From finding a creative angle on provided keywords and topics to transcription or translation, I have extensive experience in delivering solid work in a timely manner. I am a native English speaker, fluent in French.
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SEO Copywriting for websites, feature writing, how to and DIY home improvement projects.


Yoga, running, organic gardening.


Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Studied technical writing for aviation and other complex fields.


108 Projects Completed

With over eight years working in SEO, Melissa has gained an understanding of how search engines rank websites and why content matters that cannot be learned in a textbook. Melissa has extensive experience in digital marketing, including keyword research, SEO campaigns, persona creation, workflow creation, editorial calendar creation, PPC campaign management and monitoring Google Adwords and Analytics. In addition to writing SEO friendly marketing copy, she has worked with many clients to improve website content resulting in a surge in Google rankings. She is also certified in Google Adwords and the Hubspot inbound method.


50 Projects Completed

Melissa has written numerous job profiles, including information on expected duties, salary and qualifications. She has also covered successful small businesses for newspapers and other mainstream media outlets.


25 Projects Completed

Melissa has written technical manuals, white papers and blogs relating to internet marketing, technology and advancement. As a full time SEO professional, she understands the need for a writer to understand the subject matter when writing for a niche audience.


23 Projects Completed

Melissa's work has appeared on sites for medical and dental providers. Breaking down the services provided min a language patients can understand, she helps foster trust and increase interest, leading to more conversions.

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921 Projects Completed

As an experienced blog writer with over seven years experience, Melissa has written blog posts in a variety of industries, including legal, dental, marketing, automotive and real estate. Using her skills and knowledge in search engine optimization and journalism, she blends keywords with insightful information to create compelling blog content. Many WriterAccess clients across different industries have been pleased with her work.

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Melissa has written website content for websites across many industries, including medical and dental, home services, retail, travel and Saas companies.

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