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Donna began her career as a technical writer, assisting 50 principal investigators in medical peer-reviewed journals. After moving to the DC area, she found that writing for Defense contractors was a more popular field there. Within several years, she transferred to the technical career ladder after obtaining her M.Sci in Information Systems. After a few years, she followed this with an MBA from Georgetown University, also obtaining certifications in project management (PMP), ITIL and Scrum. She eventually migrated to proposal management. In the course of her professional career (and for fun), she has written about every type of documentation available. She's blogged and written an e-book as well, available on Amazon. Much of her work in the last 10 years has been for Government agencies in the Intelligence Community, and she obtained a graduate certificate in Intelligence Analysis in support of that work.


proposals, technical manuals, instructions, engineering, Intelligence, and projects that require research, politics, hobbies, movies, science fiction


jewelry making, polymer resin, precious metal clay (PMC), silversmithing, crafts, movies, (mostly classic) science fiction, religion, historical reenactment, renaissance faires.


U.S. Navy

From 1990 to 1998, Donna was an Intelligence Specialist in the US military Reserves. She attended basic, intelligence A School, Imagery analysis, and additional intelligence studies throughout this period.

Mercyhurst College

Donna completed a graduate certificate in Intelligence Analysis in 2006, in support of work done in the Intelligence Community. She examined terrorist groups, examined imagery, developed analyses, wrote intelligence assessments, and briefed on intelligence topics.

Georgetown University

Donna examined all aspects of international business, to include trade agreements, international logistics, currency arbitrage, governmental affairs, marketing, logistics, economics, accounting, finance, and organizational behavior.

Strayer College (now University)

Donna examined the use of information systems in the business context. This included artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, all aspects of the systems development lifecycle, project management. She also studied general business topics.

George Mason University

Donna obtained her undergraduate degree from George Mason University. Included general undergraduate classes as required, and European history courses, culminating in a study of England's Star Chamber Court.


1,000 Projects Completed

Ms. Hamel has provided particular expertise in the systems development life cycle prior to deployment. She has developed business cases, procurement documents, bidder evaluations, design and development documents, test plans and procedures, and deployment plans. She has additionally provided documentation from all stages of the project management lifecycle.


1,000 Projects Completed

Ms. Hamel spent 30 years providing support to Defense and intelligence agencies, with an additional smattering in early years to VA. This work included technical documents in support of the systems development lifecycle and the project management lifecycle. Additional work provided proposal support.


1 Projects Completed

Ms. Hamel publishes an article on a monthly basis to the MENSA Tampa Bay Sounding on a particular political topic.


1,000 Projects Completed

Ms. Hamel initiated her grant/proposal writing experience when she worked for the Associate Director of Research for the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis in the early 1980s. There, she managed submissions to peer-reviewed journals and grant applications for 50 principal investigators. Upon relocating to the DC area, she became involved with proposal management to the Defense industry serving the federal government. She has managed and contributed to proposals exclusively for the last four years, and upon occasion for the last 25 years.

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