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"Send it to the lawyers!" You want your content to be the best writing possible. Scott writes for a living. He is an attorney with nearly ten years of experience, who practices in three states. Every day he uses words and persuasion to attract clients, argue cases and close deals. Scott has published over a dozen articles in legal and business publications on subjects ranging from business development, to real estate, to music and entertainment. He puts time and dedication into every project, whether it's a quick blurb to get SEO hits, or an industry report to shape business trends. From the highest courts in the land, to the largest boardrooms, to the garage of a tech start up, Scott has been called upon to give his expertise in writing. Scott offers his writing skills to you and your business for a fraction of his usual hourly rate. Don't compromise the future of your business and your reputation. Go with a professional. Send it to the lawyers!
Real Estate


Scott specializes in formal writing for the legal, real estate, banking and business industries. For more consumer-oriented projects, Scott writes product summaries and reviews for travel, software, books, and toys (he's got two young kids). And Scott likes to have fun. He comments about sports, and has done creative writing projects involving video games and literature.


Outside of writing, Scott is an avid reader. He enjoys historical fiction, sci fi, and American history. Scott likes to eat. If he offers to take you to lunch or dinner, don't pass up the offer. And Scott enjoys spending time with his family and two young, hyperactive children.


Brooklyn College - City University of New York

At Brooklyn College, Scott studied history and a broad liberal arts curriculum. He also took part in student government and a myriad of on-campus activities.

Syracuse University College of Law

Go Orange! Scott gained a great deal of practical experience in law school, focusing on trial practice and appellate writing classes and seminars beyond the required course work. Scott clerked for a prestigious firm in Syracuse during his summer. He was also on the executive board of the Moot Court Honor Society. Scott was a semi-finalist in the intra-scholastic trial and appellate competitions (but not a finalist, don't hold it against him).


1,025 Projects Completed

Scott is an attorney with nearly ten years of experience, and is licensed to practice law in three states, six US district court, and two US courts of appeals. Scott has worked in every area of the law including litigation, real estate, entertainment, bankruptcy and business. Scott also won one of the largest verdicts in the history of North Georgia, and also one of the largest real estate fraud verdicts against con artists in the US.

Real Estate

541 Projects Completed

First and foremost, Scott is a real estate attorney. He lectures and writes articles for real estate agents, property managers and homeowners associations. Scott has been involved with all sides of the foreclosure industry and has seen the ebb and flow of the real estate market. Scott has assisted buyers, sellers and lenders in all types of residential and commercial transactions.


103 Projects Completed

Scott has assisted with the formation of over a dozen start-up businesses in every field from technology to real estate. He has represented businesses in federal and state court in corporate and commercial disputes. Most importantly, Scott has worked with businesses to help them grow, from a legal standpoint and a development standpoint.


53 Projects Completed

Scott represented banks and lending institutions in regulatory, foreclosure and collection matters in court and before regulatory agencies. Scott has also defended banks in FDCPA and other federal actions. On the consumer side, Scott has worked with borrowers to negotiate loans and work outs, and fight for consumers rights when communication breaks down.


24 Projects Completed

Scott has written numerous articles in trade publications and on websites for the real estate industry. The articles focus on purchase and sale issues, homeowners associations, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

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