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Scott K
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"Send it to the lawyers!" You want your content to be the best writing possible. Scott writes for a living. He is an attorney with nearly ten years of experience, who practices in three states. Every day he uses words and persuasion to attract clients, argue cases and close deals. Scott has published over a dozen articles in legal and business publications on subjects ranging from business development, to real estate, to music and entertainment. He puts time and dedication into every project, whether it's a quick blurb to get SEO hits, or an industry report to shape business trends. From the highest courts in the land, to the largest boardrooms, to the garage of a tech start up, Scott has been called upon to give his expertise in writing. Scott offers his writing skills to you and your business for a fraction of his usual hourly rate. Don't compromise the future of your business and your reputation. Go with a professional. Send it to the lawyers!
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