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This writer considers writing not only as a serious work, but also a passion. His adopted writing Philosophy is that "If it worth writing at all, it must be written well" Writing is a natural fit for him as a former adjunct faculty member at several U.S Universities where he taught Political Science and Public Administration courses. The author has considerable experience in the field of writing and editing. He was the former Editor-in-Chief of, a Hedge Fund Investment company based in Florida and was responsible for content development and editing. Paul also contributed numerous investment articles on Financial Derivatives and other Investments as a Column Writer for Derivatives Japan, a Tokyo based Investment Newspaper Company. He has written over five books, many of his books are still available in the market. His books include, "Nigeria: One Nation Two Systems" a book which discusses the problem of religious fundamentalism in Nigeria and the difficulty of a nation operating under two systems-one secular and the other based on religious principles. The author also published his second book entitled "Hedge Funds: Investment Vehicles for the Global Economy". He also co-authored a book in 2010 entitled "Practical Derivatives" released in London by Publisher Globe Law and Business. This author is quite experienced with SEO needs, a critical component of online writing and publication. Paul's overall industry writing experience spans over a period of 20 years
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Paul specializes in academic and non fiction writing, particularly in the area of business and investment. His vast writing experience enables him to undertake writing projects beyond these areas.


The author loves reading interesting novels, watches adventure movies, likes travels and soccer.


Morris Brown College, Atlanta Ga.

The author's undergraduate program was in the field of Political Science. Such program offered him the opportunity to study world political systems and governments from a comparative perspective/


203 Projects Completed

Prepared Hedge Fund News Content for publication on the company's news website. This was a daily project which relates to news analysis of hedge fund matters and industry oversight.

Human Resources

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Academic paper writing industry


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The author's work centered around derivative investments


6 Projects Completed

Written 5 books and many articles and Journal Publications

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