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Chris is a retired attorney with extensive experience in personal injury and criminal law. His work has been published in every law library in the United States.
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Legal and insurance content and analysis.


His interests include, diving, underwater photography, cooking, and the life and works of Pablo Picasso.


Northern Illinois University College of Law

Prior to his retirement in 2014, Chris was a trial lawyer in the state and federal courts in the Chicago area. His trial work consisted primarily of accident and criminal cases.


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For over 30 years, the author has focused on medico-legal issues. This type of practice often relies on assistance from both medical, administrative, and law enforcement personnel in determining how certain accidents and injuries occurred. A strong background in anatomy and physiology is required if one is to be articulate for this concentration.


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The writer has participated in more than 30 years of jury and bench trials. His work is in every law library in the United States. In addition to writing, he has been written about and appeared in radio and television interviews.


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Having been involved in complex litigation with many insurance companies, he has a broad understanding of insurance, its rather unique terminology, and how it affects our daily lives. He takes an otherwise complicated, mundane, and boring area of law and transforms it into simple and understandable words and phrases.


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In the context of criminal cases, the author has over 30 years of extensive and wide-ranging courtroom experience as a private practitioner facing federal, state and local governmental entities and law enforcement agencies. His experience in civil cases also involves these entities when they are directly or indirectly connected with his representation of private clients.

Real Estate

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Having represented hundreds of individuals, corporations and trusts in land transactions during his early years, the author developed a fluent understanding of how titles to real estate are held and conveyed. The issues surrounding real estate estate law and litigation turn on the manner in which title was conveyed and how it's presently held.


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