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"Excited to write!" John's passion for writing has grown throughout his career, including years spent as a defense contractor, small business manager, and self-employed business owner. With a strong business communication background, John is expanding his freelance writing to sharpen his creative writing skills in other writing genres. John's military experience gained over 20 years of service, including multiple deployments since 9-11, has transformed him into a faithful family-man with extensive experience coaching and mentoring student-athletes. This writer is excited to tackle new challenges, explore new frontiers and continuously improve his writing to ensure all customers receive more than they expect -- true customer satisfaction.


With extensive experience in business operations, John's writing strengths include research writing, internal and external business communications and technical writing.


With first-hand military experience, John's varied background enables him to write authentically about values, personal sacrifice, family commitment, and other aspects of family life, including life skill mentoring of student-athletes, sports and all things safety-related.


University of Redlands

John earned his Bachelor of Science in Business and Management while holding down a full-time job as an investigator, completing on-the-job and correspondence course training in the US Air Force, and managing his household of young children. This accomplishment refueled his passion for lifelong learning and has been the cornerstone of his ongoing professional development that serves his primary career, his independent contracting, and his military career.


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John's recent entry into writing began with invitation to write blog article about how the sport of swimming has affected his family. The response was strong and encouraged him to pursue expanding his writing career.


1 Projects Completed

John's writing experience in the Spirituality industry has predominately been a personal venture, with development of his own religious education materials used in both his parent classes and in his early teen religious education courses taught at his local church. In addition to Christian course-material, John has studied world religions and cultures to enhance his world-view perspective. As a bonus, John has the foundation of his first Christian-experience based novel already written and other non-fiction stories in work.


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