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Dana M
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Dana is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has a lifelong interest in the coastal towns of the East coast of the US. She is very familiar with the lifestyles of the coastal towns of the Eastern sea towns from the Florida Keys up to the coast of Maine. She loves yoga, running, hiking,and boating. She also enjoys traveling and exploring throughout Southwestern and Midwestern United States.

Dana spent a decade working in corporate finance, starting in the pharmaceutical industry in the mid-1990s. She worked in the finance department, ranging duties from accounts payable, purchasing, and moving up to a treasury analyst and corporate risk manager. After ten years Dana went on to work in a small accounting firm as a forensic accounting analyst. Dana has a mind that can drive and dig into details that most people would push aside as "mundane". Dana's desire for perfection and eye for detail make her exceptional as an analyst. Dana is very diligent in all aspects of her professional aspirations. Nothing is halfway.

For several years, Dana was the managing editor of a small private publication in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Her writers commend her for her ability to meet tight deadlines and to motivate contributing writers. She's also very diplomatic in her communications with writers who can have varied personalities.

All in all, Dana is a dynamic writer, communicator, and worker. She is a sharp thinker, fun and very easy to get along with.
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