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Stephanie began her freelance writing career after graduating from college. She began ghost writing articles and blog posts, and she has since moved on to become a freelance writer. Her work has been published magazines and on various business websites. Her degree in English has provided her writing with structural integrity, and her experiences have infused her writing with a sense of life. Stephanie has a sincere love of words, and her days are full of reading and writing. Her ultimate goal is to become a published fiction author.


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Stephanie has over 8 years of experience volunteering and working as a professional in the classroom. She has worked with students of all ages, from six weeks old to college students.Additionally, she has written numerous articles on educational subjects, including bullying, NCLB, RTTT, innovation in the classroom, state standardized testing, teaching methods, and personal accounts of classroom experience.


Being an education major means taking many different course on child development. In those classes, not only is it important to look at the world through a child's eyes, but it is also important to learn how a child's environment affects his or her development. This means that familial relationships and interactions are studied. From an academic perspective, Stephanie is well-versed in many topics surrounding children and family.

From an experience-based perspective, Stephanie is well qualified to discuss topics involving childcare. She spent over a year working at a daycare, where she worked with children ages 6 weeks to 8 years old. Additionally she has a combined total of 8 years working in the classroom working in the following ages: kindergarten, third grade, seventh grade, eight grade, high school sophomore, and college freshman.

Furthermore, Stephanie is a stay-at-home mother, and she understands the stress and struggles that come along with child-rearing. She has experience parenting with a partner as well as being a single parent. Her husband is active duty army, and his deployments essentially leave her without a co-parent.


As a homemaker, food is a part of Stephanie's everyday life. She takes pleasure in finding, testing, and creating new recipes. Not only does she provide meals for her family on a daily basis, but she is also recruited to help cater bake sales and parties. She is unafraid of trying new things, and her skills have grown along with her experience. In addition to providing recipes that are great, Stephanie also believes that discussing failures in the kitchen is an integral part of the learning process.

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