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Lisa W
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Greensboro, NC
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Lisa is a professional content writer, editor and communications consultant with extensive career experience in a number of areas, including journalism, marketing and communications, executive management, entrepreneurism, senior living, and health and fitness.

Her career has included positions as a newspaper reporter and editor, owner of a marketing and advertising agency, communications consultant serving clients nationwide, and vice president of marketing for a large senior living provider in North Carolina. As a full-time freelance communications professional, Lisa works with clients from a variety of industries, with specialties in:
* Law, government and politics.
* Business and finance.
* Technology.
* Media and marketing.
* Senior living and geriatric wellness.
* Hospitality.
* Entrepreneurism.
* Leadership and management.
* Careers.

What do Lisa's clients say about her?

"Lisa always does a fantastic job for us, she's one of our favorite writers."

"Amazing writer and researcher, I gave a job that needed to be done and was fairly complicated. The job was done fast and with no need for revisions. I highly recommend Lisa!"

"Lisa is awesome! Quick turn-around and exceptional quality. I highly recommend her."

"Lisa took all of my needs into account and delivered the best piece I've gotten back to date on WA."

"Lisa is a great writer and very professional. She provided a business letter that was concise and my client loved it. Thanks!"

"Lisa has worked on several articles for our project and did a great job, meeting our requirements and exceeding our expectations."

When clients work with Lisa, they can expect exceptional customer service, including:
* Thorough research.
* Impeccable copy tailored to meet specific client needs.
* Attention to detail, including SEO best practices.
* Timely delivery and cognizance of client deadlines.
* A team-oriented, courteous attitude.

If you're interested in working with Lisa, please send her a message to check on availability.
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Lisa has significant experience in creative writing but prefers nonfiction, journalism-oriented writing on a variety of topics. She loves researching and learning about a topic, using her analytical skills to draw conclusions and then writing about the topic in a user-friendly way.

Additionally, Lisa has extensive experience in writing and editing for marketing communications, including ads, direct mail pieces, search engine-optimized copy for websites, white papers, e-blasts, business letters, proposals, marketing plans, positioning, Tweets, brand platforms and more.


In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading science fiction, cooking, exercising, amateur photography and spending time with her family.


University of North Carolina

As a result of placing out of 18 credit hours of classes in her freshman year at UNC, Lisa was able to begin the journalism program earlier than most students, in her sophomore year. Lisa obtained the one and only perfect score on the mandatory and much-feared Spelling and Grammar Test required to enter the School of Journalism. After meeting her J-School requirements, Lisa was able to spend her senior year studying topics she was interested in, such as psychology (her secondary area of concentration, required for a journalism degree), film criticism and literature.


493 Projects Completed

Lisa has completed a significant number of writing projects for a variety of industries through ownership of her own graphic-design, web-design and advertising business. For more than 13 years, Lisa ran the company, acted as client liaison and provided strategic direction in conjunction with a business partner, who provided graphic-design and technical services.


465 Projects Completed

As part of her work with legal clients through ownership of her graphic design, advertising and marketing agency, Lisa has written many pieces to be used for public relations purposes, websites and other applications. Prior to owning her company, Lisa earned a journalism degree and worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for a number of years. During her journalism career she covered the police and law beat, the civil courts and many legal matters.


352 Projects Completed

Lisa has extensive experience in the senior living industry, including work with multiple communities through owning an advertising and marketing agency for 13 years, serving as vice president of marketing for one of the largest continuing-care retirement communities in her state, and working as a communications consultant in senior living serving communities across the country. To meet the needs of today's savvy senior, communities offer a significant element of hospitality, often mimicking high-end hotels and hiring "celebrity" chefs known for their work in top restaurants. Through her extensive communications work with communities, Lisa has written numerous pieces including blog posts and articles for print and web highlighting the all-important hospitality aspect of luxury retirement living. She currently writes for a variety of senior living providers across the country.


125 Projects Completed

As a former newspaper reporter covering the health beat, Lisa has written extensively about nutrition. She has interviewed experts in the nutrition field ranging from licensed nutritionists to researchers and has written about dozens of topics related to the latest research in healthy eating. Lisa also publishes a website related to healthy low-carb eating.


101 Projects Completed

In Lisa's work as a journalist, small-business owner, marketing executive and communications consultant, she gained significant understanding of issues related to careers and human resources. As VP of marketing and resident services for a large senior-living community, Lisa played an extensive role in personnel decisions, including creating and revising policies, manuals and training programs. As a freelance writer, Lisa frequently writes pieces relating to careers, including hiring trends, interviewing, continuing education and effective resumes.


2,668 Projects Completed

Lisa has written thousands of articles during her career as a journalist, owner of an advertising and web-design firm, vice president of marketing and communications consultant. Her writing career has spanned every imaginable topic, including the judicial system, nonprofits, health and medicine, government, politics, business, technology and more. As a freelance writer, Lisa currently creates compelling articles on a broad array of topics for dozens of clients.

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1,261 Projects Completed

Lisa frequently creates blog posts on a variety of topics. From nutrition to technology to careers, Lisa has blogged on a wide range of subject matter. With an extensive background in writing, Lisa understands the subtleties involved in creating effective blog posts versus other forms of writing.

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