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With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Kara has had the opportunity to write copy for consumer packaging, web content, magazine articles, product instructions, trade show collateral, direct response material, print ads, and radio spots.

Kara's background also includes content marketing, SEO, graphic design and web design, so she is comfortable writing with those in mind or collaborating with others on a team.


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Industry Projects

  • Gaming50+
  • Technology50+
  • Marketing7

Summary of Industry Experience


For eight years, Kara was a marketing copywriter for Hasbro Games. She wrote copy for product packaging and instructions for a variety of brands and audiences.


During her time as a content writer and marketer for several technology companies, Kara has written digital marketing content, press releases, sell sheets, ads and other creative content for B2B and B2C audiences. She is particularly skilled at translating complex technical ideas into easy-to-understand copy.


Kara has coordinated and executed content for corporate marketing departments and internal creative agencies. A believer in lifelong learning, Kara stays current on marketing best practices and maintains HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post20+

Summary of Product Experience


Working as a writer and editor for several magazines has given Kara extensive article-writing experience.

Blog Post

Kara's journalism education and experience translates into blog posts that are well-researched and provide reader value. She's comfortable writing posts in a variety of lengths and formats, from tutorials and checklists to profiles, reviews and more.

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