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Melinda has two years of digital marketing experience and seven years of professional writing and editing experience. She understands SEO and marketing. She has done extensive business reporting and written for a multitude of industries including finance, transportation, retail, lifestyle and technology.


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Melinda has written more than 500 earned media marketing blog posts, product descriptions and owned media content pieces. She has worked for an SEO company and a public relations firm. She has also written many blog posts for the digital marketing industry demonstrating her knowledge.


Melinda has written numerous articles about recipes and entertaining. She has also written restaurant reviews and covered farmer's markets extensively. Melinda currently runs her own food blog in which she recounts her own experiences in the kitchen. Melinda's biggest "foodie" accomplishment was writing a e-zine about US barbecue that was distributed to thousands of customers for a client.


Melinda has written extensively for women and regarding lifestyle topics. She has written about how to get the best engagement pictures, cosmetic reviews, cosmetic product descriptions, jewelry and clothing product descriptions and about entertaining. For the transportation industry, Melinda wrote an article about maintaining a strong long-distance relationship with a truck driver.

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