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David is a retired manager and business owner who has taken his businesses to the top of their field. His expertise in helping people to become the best that they can be is the key to his success over the years.

His Insurance Agency led the nation in production, winning numerous awards in management prowess.

His administration company led the industry in the state by acquiring cities, hospitals, major companies, and professional entities as clients in a new program that allowed employees to have tax-free benefits in their employee benefit plans.

David created a company that placed boutique human resource programs with employers who could not afford a full-blown human resource department.

He created a marketing company that produced record breaking sales on a national basis by marketing health insurance via the computer and telephone. Sales were consistently in the high six figures.

Much of the success of these enterprises was due to the motivation of people to do better. We can all do better if we can focus, as all motivation is self-motivation.



David enjoys writing about solutions to problems that people find difficult to solve. People need discipline in their financial worlds now more than ever, and David has solutions for people and their issues in dealing with their business matters and with everyday life.


David lives with his wife in the country in a small town in southeast Pennsylvania. He enjoys writing about many varied things such as the people around him, their lives, business experiences, and their general outlook on what works well in solving the problems they encounter.


Illinois State University

David attended and graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.


25 Projects Completed

David developed a marketing company that sold health insurance across the United States solely by using the computer and the telephone. At the time the business was founded, this was unheard of in the early 2000's. The use of computerized applications and illustrations revolutionized the marketing model making it thousands of time more effective for dealing with large numbers of people.


20 Projects Completed

David has started several successful businesses from scratch and built them into successful entities. The major factor for success was David's ability to build a team that functioned well together and was motivated to improve results based upon dedicated effort and quality results.


13 Projects Completed

David recruited and managed an insurance agency for a major life insurance company and his agency led the nation in production. The key to the success was David's belief in his sales people and the fact that they were motivated by excellence and measurable results.


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