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Kelsey has been writing since high school and writing professionally for the last five years. She has been a self-motivated, eager to learn worker who maintains the difficult work from home balance without missing deadlines or sacrificing content. She has worked in both the academic and corporate world writing for various publications including tech blogs, product websites, academic websites, real estate websites all with the strong recommendations for her continue pursuit of a full time writing career. Kelsey goal-oriented, has a quick turnaround time, experienced, and a great overall attitude towards excellence.


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Kelsey M's Women Industry Experience

15 Projects Completed

Kelsey has written for women's issues, most recently with Contenzio writing service.

Industry Projects

  • Search Marketing20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Women10+
  • Office10+
  • Kids/Family10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Kelsey has written marketing copy for many different places in both the public and academic sector. The most recent was a writer for Lake County Youth Build.


Kelsey worked for Hollywood Screenwriter's Magazine as an intern as well as a freelance writer. Wrote stories and interviewed Paul Reiser, Michael Showalter, and Neil Gaiman.


Kelsey has written for women's issues, most recently with Contenzio writing service.


When Kelsey worked at MDG services she used her expertise to create several blog articles features upcoming tech.


Kelsey wrote for Concierge Preferred Magazine as an intern then writer. Mostly focusing on family events and activities in the Chicago area.

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