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Originally a journalist, Sarah transitioned to online content writing in 2007. She enjoys research and writing about a variety of topics, from home services to software. As a Search Specialist with a strong background in SEO, Sarah knows what it takes to optimize your copy for success​.


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Industry Projects

  • Home Living20+
  • Business10+
  • Web Development3

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Sarah has extensive experience writing about the home services industry, especially in the areas of HVAC, plumbing, carpet cleaning, water softening, self-storage, and more. She received her expertise by working as a copywriter at a marketing firm that specializes in home services. Her favorite topics include smart home devices and anything that simplifies complex concepts for the average reader.


Sarah has extensive experience helping companies reach their business goals using compelling blog content. Most recently, she wrote a monthly blog for S&H Products, which sells nozzles and other equipment to firefighters. Her favorite topics were stories of heroism and how local departments can better stretch their budget.

Web Development

Sarah has extensive experience writing about web development, including design, maintenance and troubleshooting. Most recently, she worked with Mackmedia Website Maintenance on monthly blog posts. She is able to write about these topics using first-hand experience as a website professional herself. Her favorite topics include tricks and tips and highlighting tools to make website management easier.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page20+
  • Press Release5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

From small businesses to national brands, Sarah has helped companies develop blog content for nearly a decade. As a copywriter for a marketing firm that caters to small businesses, she strategizes, writes and reviews blog content on a daily basis. Her favorite topics include home services and search marketing.

Web Page

As a search and content specialist for nearly a decade, Sarah has extensive experience creating web page copy. She aims for clean, informative copy that flows well and guides the reader to the next step in the process. Her favorite web page products include those for home services companies, as well as sites that sell marketing services.

Press Release

As a career journalist prior to my online content work, Sarah has advanced expertise in what it takes to get a story publishes by a media outlet. Her process is to extrapolate the most compelling aspects of a business, then package it in a way that journalist will want to reach out to the business owner. Among her recent press releases is one regarding landscaping products, which resulted in being featured by a leading national publication.

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