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Dan has worked with computers for most of his life. He taught himself to program in TI-BASIC and HTML by reverse-engineering code at the age of 14. He has expanded his programming background into C++, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, Velocity, MySQL and XML over the years and continues to learn and master new languages. His interest in technology actually drove him to enter the Journalism field to help people understand how to use technology. While majoring in Journalism, Dan took a job as a reporter where he got his first taste of the news industry. Dan started to carve himself a niche as a web editor and web producer when he realized that Journalism was becoming increasingly intertwined with web technologies. Dan has worked as a reporter, assignment editor, web editor, and web producer within college and small-market newspaper and Television newsrooms. Currently, he is employed as a full-time web developer on the corporate level for a Television media company, but enjoys keeping his Journalism skills up-to-date through freelance work.


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Dan has written hundreds of articles explaining technology from speaker wiring to CPU architecture. His articles typically explain troubleshooting and topic overviews. If you're wondering why your computer speakers experience static right before you get a call on your cellphone or want to understand why Hyper-Threading technology makes Intel processors better for heavy computing, Dan has you covered.


Dan has written hundreds of articles on electronic devices including computers, radio, speakers, and musical instruments. His long history with fixing and troubleshooting electronics is a major asset as a writer.

Web Development

Dan has written dozens of articles on web development from how to be a better designer to how elements got their names. Dan has been developing websites for over 14 years and has widespread knowledge of the technical and practical aspects of the field.

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