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Josiah is a freelance writer who focuses on creating relevant and valuable content for business marketing. He is skilled at putting himself in the reader's shoes to write content that answers their most pressing questions.

With over fourteen years experience in the publishing industry Josiah has a keen sense for the power of words. Working as a graphic designer, publicist, and marketing executive has given him a unique set of skills to craft the right content that connects with prospective customers.
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Josiah's communications and marketing background best suits him for business writing. Josiah has written for a variety of industries including book publishing, social media marketing, web development, local businesses, weddings, and distribution companies. He has written content for email marketing, social media, blogs, websites, ebooks, whitepapers and press materials. He has a knack for creating original content based on solid audience research.


Josiah's interests include all things art. When he is not helping businesses grow, Josiah enjoys drawing and playing the harp. He is father to three little ones who constantly crave his attention. Josiah enjoys every moment spent with his family engaged in activities such as long drives, hiking, and everyday adventures.


Green River Community College

Josiah Williams earned a certification in Multimedia Design from Green River Community College as part of a program allowing students to attend college and earn degrees during the last two years of high school.


60 Projects Completed

Josiah worked over fourteen years in the publishing industry. His experience includes book design, advertising management, publicity, and marketing management. Josiah is a public speaker who has presented at various national conferences on the subject of publishing, writing, and marketing. Josiah has written many articles, press releases and resources for authors and publishers.


51 Projects Completed

Josiah helped launch a small business marketing agency and worked with many companies over the span of eight years. He helped companies market themselves both online and offline. Josiah's writing experience includes blogs, website content, whitepapers, ebooks, email campaigns, brochures, press releases, business plans, and more.

Blog Post

52 Projects Completed

Josiah has written blog posts on a variety of subjects. His writing method involves discovering who the target readership and researching what triggers their search for content. Josiah is skilled at learning the specific language of the target reader to speak directly to their interests.


20 Projects Completed

In addition to designing brochures Josiah has also written text copy incorporated in many of the projects. With his design experience Josiah can visualize what the text will look and adds creative thinking into the writing process. Josiah has a keen sense for how the readers will engage with the printed content.

Product Description

8 Projects Completed

Josiah has written informative consumer product reviews. He enjoys helping customers back informed decisions and sellers promote their quality products.


6 Projects Completed

Josiah has written advertising copy for both as an employee and client service provider. Josiah has created ad copy for several industries including agriculture, event venues, retail stores, and author advertising.

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