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Christopher has been writing professionally since 2006, and has an established track record of success with both large and small-volume clients. Chris has written thousands of instructional articles focused on automotive and home repair as well as articles for a NASCAR publication and photography
magazines. Christopher even produces some news and current events articles when the opportunity presents itself.


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Industry Projects

  • Auto1,000+
  • Electronics50+
  • Home Living50+
  • Sports20+
  • Software10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Christopher has written tutorials and technical instructions, detailing the replacement or repair of just about every vehicle on the road. He has also written articles detailing new models and options across many different vehicle lines.


Christopher has created articles about software, computers and hardware, photography equipment, and tutorials about how to use them. He specializes in photography gear and equipment but has many years experience working with computers, servers, networks, and software.

Home Living

Christopher has created content targeted at helping home owners and do it yourselfer repair or renovate things around their home. From light construction tips to repairing plumbing, decks, and interiors, these articles walk the first time home owner basic repairs in detail.


Living in the center of the NASCAR world, Christopher has had the opportunity to work within that industry as a freelance writer and photographer. His work has been featured in several magazines that report on motorsports and NASCAR as well as on the web.


Christopher has a great knowledge of many types of software. He has used many different image manipulation softwares, varying operating systems, and a variety of other special softwares over the years. He has written about their use and special techniques that can be accomplished with them as well.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Christopher has written articles as short as 200 words to in depth articles of nearly 1000 words or more. Articles have appeared in both print and online formats and cove a variety of topics.

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