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Terri is a licensed clinical therapist and social worker with expertise in the field of mental health. She offers simple strategies for individuals struggling with anxiety,adjustment disorders, and depression, while also offering common-sense practice to enhancing communication and building positive coping skills.
Terri reports many recreational pursuits from gem-mining in the Carolina mountains to walking her dog. She is apt to be found sitting at her sewing machine making custom curtains, or in the garden planting herbs and cucumbers. Her love of research is evident in her writing about a vast range of topics. She brings life experience to the table.
This is a dedicated individual with a focus on being prompt, punctual, and professional.
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Coping mechanisms; holistic health and wellness; enhancing life quality; self-help; addiction treatment; home improvement projects; household budgeting; cooking; fitness; health; pets; shopping; entertaining; travel; gardening; meditation; Feng Shui; interior design.


Pets; home; travel; food; savings; family; shopping; wine; interior design; Feng Shui; meditation; gardening; fitness; health; entertaining; cooking; home budgeting;


University of Maine

Terri Mitchell holds a Master's degree in Social Work with undergraduate degrees in Social Science and Human Services. She has three years clinical experience working in an acute care mental health setting, and in supervisory positions at an inpatient hospital. She has held clinical licenses in two states, and has put her license on hiatus as she pursues non-clinical endeavors in the free-lance writing field.


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Terri has written extensively on the health advantages of medical cannabis, as well as the industrial applications of hemp. Hailing from a state where cannabis has been decriminalized, she has insight into the legalities, variances, and therapeutic benefits of this plant.

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This candidate has some hands-on experience around the house, from resolving a clogged drain to sewing custom window treatments. She takes pride in her home, and considers herself a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. As a parent, this individual has distinctive experiences to draw upon related to areas of home improvement, household budgeting, and interior design projects.


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A firm believer in the healing power of pets, this writer is a strong advocate for groups and organizations that work to place animals in responsible homes. She enjoys researching holistic health remedies and strategies for dogs and cats, and has garnered insight into various approaches to maintaining pets' well-being. This candidate admits to being a bit of an inventor when it comes to creating pet-projects around the home. From recycling tote bags into pet-carriers for the dog, or building a window "lounge" for a cat, her devotion and fascination with animals is quite evident.

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Simple approaches to enhanced well-being and therapeutic activities are favored topics. As a therapist who often facilitated groups covering everything from communication skills to drumming, this writer is accustomed to conveying a message to a broad and diverse audience. Therapeutic strategies are made simple and effective through her articles, and she proves easy for readers to relate to.


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