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Avon is a great all-purpose writer. With specific experience in producing legal, sales and marketing, finance, and travel content, Avon is a well rounded writer who can call upon his knowledge of diverse areas of society and the human experience in order to to get the job done. His writing style is both engaging and informative, and his content is always accessible and fun to read.

Avon's interests include health, travel, spirituality, business and finance, and science and technology. His time working in the finance industry as a credit analyst and self-employed mortgage loan officer, has given him a strong base in a strong base in sales, marketing, and finance related topics. His own spiritual quest, and the resultant travels, have helped to inform him on topics of the personal quest for excellence, both internal and external.

Avon attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County, pursing a degree in Physics. Obtaining this degree is still a life goal of his.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Avon began his professional writing career as a blogger for a high-power Miami attorney. Since these advantageous beginnings, he has written well over 2000 legal blogs and articles, and continues to develop his repertoire of legal content and clients. He is well versed in writing all kinds of legal content, from articles to press releases. He is familiar with writing about legal subject matter including personal injury, Qui Tam, criminal defense, product liability, bankruptcy, and much more.


During Avon's 5+ years working as a mortgage loan officer, he was responsible for his own marketing and sales. He utilized marketing techniques such as cold calling, email and traditional mail campaigns, and building referral lists. This hands-on experience in marketing is carried over into his writing on the subject, making it rich and informative.


Avon worked for several years as a licensed property/casualty insurance agent in the state of Maryland. During this time he was involved in all areas of the business, from marketing, to qualification, to sales.
He is able to use his in-depth knowledge of insurance and its related laws and regulations to guide the reader to obtaining the information the seek, in an informative and entertaining manner.


Avon is personally interested in health and fitness. Because he lives his life with fitness as a goal, his writing about health and fitness is informed by personal experience. Avon finds all topics relating to the body absolutely fascinating, and this sense of fascination is conveyed to his writing on the subject. His writing about health, fitness, and nutrition is informative and fun to read.

Real Estate

Avon worked for several years in the financial industry, including 5+ years as a mortgage loan officer and over 2 years as a credit analyst for Bank of America. This experience helped him to gain extensive knowledge in the areas of real estate, qualifying for a mortgage, and credit in general.

He is able to elucidate all aspects of the real estate transaction for his readers, from getting qualified for a loan, to selecting the proper home, to going to closing.


Avon is a serial entrepreneur, with experience in sales, marketing, and business development. As such, he not only likes to learn and write about the many aspects of business, but he also is actively engaged in the business community. Because of this his business writing is informed by personal experience, not just impersonal theory.


Avon is personally interested in technology, and has been successful in using that interest to fuel his writing. He is able to cover many fields of technological developments, including medical, consumer, industrial, and scientific. His writing style with respect to technology is witty and informative, ensuring that readers are entertained as they become informed.


Avon is not only a travel writer, is also a devoted traveler - giving him a unique perceptive on all topics travel related. His travel writing makes use of imagery and other descriptive language, transporting the reader to the place and time, and giving them a sense of what it's like to be there.


Avon worked for several years in the financial industry, including as both a credit analyst and as a mortgage loan officer. He is able to use his in-depth knowledge of many facets of finance, from stocks and bonds, to credit, and even real estate, to give the reader a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Green Living

Avon is personally interested in Green living and Green products and technology. He has made it a personal commitment to live his life in an increasingly aware and environmentally friendly manner. He brings this attitude and perspective to all of his writing on Green and environmentally related subject matter.

He has written a number of articles on Green living, with the vast majority of them being in the Green technology field, but with a substantial amount of Green living instructional (how to) as well.


Spirituality is of personal interest to Avon. He is devoutly spiritual, but considers spirituality to be inherently personal and therefore difficult to quantify. He does, however, have many years' experience writing on the subject, with much of this experience being a product of his own personal spiritual quest.


Avon is a self-confessed recovering news junkie. He has followed the news avidly since the late 1990s, and has come to gain an interesting perspective on politics and the American voter. Avon's writing on political topics is thoughtful and lighthearted. He likes to draw interesting parallels between diverse topics, and present the reader with perspectives that they have truly never considered.

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