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In addition to freelancing as a web content writer, Katherine has been working for a SEO company for the last year, and through this experience she has acquired first hand experience with ranking websites in a variety of industries. She is experienced with writing to contribute to blogs covering not only SEO, but also technology, art and design, travel, health and beauty, finance, law, and more.

Katherine enjoys tackling any writing assignment, and she is accustomed to meeting deadlines and tailoring everything she writes to meet the specific demands of the clients she serves.


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Katherine has experience working for a SEO startup in Manhattan that has allowed her to gain a thorough understanding of the process of ranking a website.

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Katherine has been working as a content writer writing web content for companies operating in a wide variety of industries. She has experience researching online, formatting web content, incorporating keywords and other SEO factors into her content, laying out web pages, and maintaining social media accounts.

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