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Michelle is a passionate writer, with a lifetime’s experience in fiction and nonfiction writing. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology and Clinical Laboratory Science and has worked in the hospital laboratory setting. She also has worked in the information technology sector. She is passionate about all things new and cutting edge.

Currently Michelle works full time as a freelance writer. Her clients always come first.

As a content writer, Michelle strives to always exceed expectations. She specializes in medicine and technology related content, but she is always looking for new challenges that expand her knowledge and open up new opportunities.

No matter the topic Michelle creates informative and engaging content.


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Summary of Industry Experience


As science major and medical technologist Michelle has years of experience communicating medical and health related topics. Michelle is an experienced science writer. She has the talent to word the most complicated topics in a way anyone can understand. She has written numerous pieces on health topics and specializes in blogs.


Michelle has written numerous science-based articles and reports for a variety of projects. She specializes in writing scientific content that is both informative and engaging. She is an excellent researcher and a talented writer. Her background in science and science writing gives her the experience necessary to construct science content for a wide variety of audiences.


During her time working in the information technology sector, Michelle wrote numerous articles. She is passionate about technology and enjoys writing about all the latest gadgets. She is most experienced with writing how-tos, FAQs and blogs. She is a skilled writer, who specializes in writing informative and instructive content and can tailor it to any audience.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Michelle is a focused writer, able to turn out thousand word articles daily. Her diligent writing habits allow for quick turnaround. Her pieces are always clear, concise, and perfectly tailored for the target audience. She strives to inform through her articles. She is experienced with writing both science and health-related articles that target a wide audience.

Product Description

Michelle crafts product descriptions that are vivid and appealing. Her passion for writing shows in all her work and product descriptions are no different. She is able to charm and inform her target audience with skill. She specializes in product descriptions for gadgets, technology, fashion, travel gear and video games.

Mobile Content

Michelle crafts content for the smaller screen with expert skill. Her work with mobile content includes newsletters, advertisements, and emails. She recognizes the new opportunities afforded by mobile devices and uses them to her advantage. She writes targeted content that considers image placement, word length, layout and the different mobile landscapes.

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