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Seth has written for a variety of SEO content websites, and is currently employed full-time as a writer for a marketing firm. He has taken on projects ranging from writing technical manuals, educational blog posts, car reviews, law articles, and how-to guides. Seth maintains a conversational tone that instructs while being easily understood even by younger audiences.


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Seth has written numerous entertainment articles for content production websites designed to increase traffic for blogs. These entertainment articles have been on subjects ranging from list-based fluff pieces to infotainment pieces that convey real information in a conversational tone.


Seth works as a stand up and improvisational comedian, and has completed the Improv Olympic's summer intensive program, as well as a number of independent workshops designed to improve both stand up and improvisational comedic muscles. He has written and produced a few sketch comedy videos, and understands both screenwriting and theatrical play formats.


Seth has worked in teaching and supervisory capacities as a theater educator in various summer camps. He has managed students' coursework and designed several different courses of study for students in traditional classroom settings as well as through summer camp and week-long camp settings.

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