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John is an experienced writer and journalist with an extensive background in writing online content. He develops long-term relationships with clients and enjoys helping a client build their business or website through quality content.

John has an extensive online portfolio focused on generating stellar writing for businesses and content producers. For him, writing for businesses online means creating concise and informative articles that generate interest from readers and potential customers.

John has a special focus on stories regarding travel, finance, automobiles, real estate, nutrition and the environment. He has also written for a diverse array of business, including:

+Travel companies and hotels
+B2B and B2C clients
+HVAC suppliers
+Home repair specialists and builders
+Real estate contractors
+Oil and gas industries
+Healthcare and law firms
+Marketing companies
+Fitness and nutrition companies

John thoroughly researches each article he sends to his clients, ensuring that his content features the authority and thoroughness. This attention to detail that help customers trust a business with their time and money.

While working for a major non-profit organization, he also gained experience drafting press releases, creating blog posts and promoting the organization through social media. This knowledge can be put to work to craft a successful marketing campaign for any client's needs.

John believes that effective writing is ultimately about bridging gaps in understanding and developing a keen interest in readers from different backgrounds. That means providing clean and easy to understand writing free from errors and unnecessary content.

Ultimately, John is there for you through each step of the content production process, and that's why he is often recommended to clients by the WriterAccess team.
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John specializes in writing long-form pieces, SEO content, and web copy. He writes primarily in the AP format but can modify his writing to fit your needs.

There are a number of fields where John can apply his background experience to really make an article shine:

Medical and Healthcare - John has 5 years experience in this field, primarily working as an volunteer EMT.

Travel - John has extensive travel experience and is certified as an expert in Travel Writing.

Real Estate - John has experience working for a real estate brokerage firm, generating content for their website and helping drive traffic to increase sales.

Product Descriptions - John has written hundreds of product descriptions, including for websites such as eBay, Amazon and Western Union.

He can write in a wide range of styles including:
Blog content
How-To guides
Web page and landing page articles and content
Sales copy and guides


John enjoys travel, learning about farming science and practice, trying new beers in new places, and making small documentaries.


St. John's University

John graduated from St. John's University summa cum laude with a degree in journalism. While at St. John's, he was a newspaper editor of the student newspaper, The Torch.

Kassel University

John received a master's degree in labor policy at Kassel University in Germany. His master's thesis was a comparative study on labor relations in the German and US automotive manufacturing sector.


526 Projects Completed

One of John's primary writing focuses is in the area of business writing, and he has ample experience to draw on. He has been responsible for running numerous marketing campaigns, generating business related articles for websites, and helping businesses adapt to changing web trends. His consulting and article writing experience helps drive traffic to websites and keep readers actively engaged with high quality web content.

John has written over 500 articles directly related to business. He has covered topics on accounting, financing a company, startup strategies, strategies to increase productivity, how to survive a crisis, leadership topics, investment in IT, web marketing, SEO development, and larger economics trends, just to name a few.

Whether it's about attracting the best talent for your tech startup, maximizing sales conversions from your landing page, or tips on how to effectively build an e-mail marketing campaign, John ensures the reader understands every concept and strategy.

John is always interested in exploring new topics and drawing on his vast amount of business experience to help make you informative and engaging content for your business or website.


353 Projects Completed

John has covered politics all the way from the local to the national level. On the local level, has had a focus on topics important to Queens, New York. His work focused on local elections, important political meetings and events and campaigns by community members on issues such as pollution or gentrification.

John has also written articles about various topics that impact citizens at a national level. He has written biographies for politicians, covered articles on civil liberties and surveillance, and even explored the nitty gritty of electoral reform.

John has recently covered the political situation in Ukraine for Russia Magazine, covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, writing on the separatist movement, and the role of journalists in the conflict.


322 Projects Completed

John believes the fist step to good health is staying informed. That's exactly what he sets out to do when he writes an article, blog post or newsletter on the issue of health. John is an avid runner, cyclist, and outdoor junkie, and this passion for staying healthy translates directly into his writing. He believes in a holistic approach to health that takes into account nutrition, exercise and fostering a positive mind-set, all factors that help individuals realize their health goals over the long-term.

John has plenty of experience delivering articles that make health fun while also providing the information readers need to take action to improve their own health. That's why his clients come back to him time when they need quality content that informs and even converts into higher web traffic and sales.


256 Projects Completed

John is not only an experienced medical writer, but he's also a certified EMT. He draws on his background to produce in-depth articles that leave readers engaged and informed. John has written on a wide variety of medical issues, including surgical techniques, tips to follow in a medical emergency, senior living, senior care, healthcare laws, and covered health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory disease.


243 Projects Completed

John is a travel writer with extensive experience not only exploring the world, but also exploring how people relate to travel on every level through the written word. He has written for a travel newsletter that promotes Corsica (included in sample) and generated over 200 articles related to travel, ranging from guides on to the best hiking trails in Germany to the top island destinations in Thailand. John likes to find the angle of travel that hasn't been covered before, and convey his passion for each travel topic he explores.

Good travel writing entices the reader, captures the aura of a special corner of the world, and invites the reader to imagine what their life will be like if they open their mind to a new travel destination. John conveys these qualities and values into each piece he writes, and would be more than happy apply his writing skills to your travel project or article.

In addition, John won an award during's contest for best travel article of the month.

Non Profit

220 Projects Completed

John worked for a number of non-profit organizations where he gained experience drafting press releases, creating blog posts and promoting the organization through social media. John has created over 200 posts related to non-profit work, and knows how to connect readers to the goals of an organization.

He is still active performing volunteer work for a new non-profit organization that promotes the use of organic and sustainable farming, and has performed media outreach and social media campaigns related to this organization's goals, helping to further his non-profit experience and hone his non-profit writing skills.


170 Projects Completed

John has created nearly 200 articles related to nutrition, covering topics all the way from benefits of the paleo diet to the impact of incorporating raw milk into your diet. John enjoys immersing himself in a nutrition topic, researching medical journals, and find out what nutrition topics are currently trending.

John is also a bit of a nutrition fanatic himself, and spends time reading up on much of the food he eats. Food is life after all. He's especially interested in the organic food movement and the end of the fast food mentality associated around the world's addiction to sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and processed food. He ultimately finds ways to make nutrition in his writing fun, exciting and delicious, helping those who want to improve their health and bodies enjoy what they're eating (and reading).


146 Projects Completed

John has written a number of articles on outdoor topics and recreation, and is also an active outdoorsman himself. He has hiked numerous trails across the United States, including Gold Bug Springs trail in Idaho, large sections of the Appalachian trail, Devil's Garden trail in Arches, significant chunks of the Western loop, and numerous trails in the Rocky Mountains, just to name a few. He has also hiked trails in Germany, including the Maler Weg in the Saxon-Swiss mountains, Jacob's trail in France, and on various trails in the German/Swiss/Italian Alps.

John has a great love for nature, hiking and exploration, and translates this love directly into the written word. He has turned some of these experiences into travel and outdoor articles for a number of businesses and websites. He has also written articles on hiking gear, outdoor survival, camping tips, and strategies for intense hikes. He would love to take his ample outdoor experience and apply it to your next writing project or article topic as needed.


136 Projects Completed

John has worked for the Associated Press, Russia! Magazine, the GLU Labour Column, the Queens Chronicle and many other publications covering local government and community concerns. He enjoys following larger trends within government and staying on top of political news, trade policy and economic topics that relate to government policy.

He has written articles all the way from local government topics to issues around government management of trade policy for a number of publications. He has a Master's in labor policy and economics and extensively studied the labor policies of the American and German governments. He also completed his Master's Thesis on this topic.

John can bring his knowledge of government issues and policy to any article or project you need completed, ensuring you have quality content for your readers.


129 Projects Completed

John has completed over a 100 fitness projects that focused on SEO content and online articles. These projects have ranged from how patients can recover mobility after a major surgery to exercises to keep seniors fit as they grow older. John is also a fitness enthusiast, and enjoys incorporating his own views on fitness and nutrition into his articles. He also stays on top of the latest medical research and fitness trends to ensure that his articles are delivering top-notch content that makes readers excited about their own fitness goals.


126 Projects Completed

John cares deeply about gardening and agriculture principles, and brings his intense interest on gardening topics to his own topics. John has his own garden where he grows organic tomatoes, carrots, basil, wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme, just to name a few. He also cultivates a number of different flowers and decorative plants.

John finds gardening to be a time of relaxation, a good physical workout, a way to stay self sustainable, and finally a hobby that can provide a deep connection with our natural environment. He has written on subjects ranging from soil selection and maintenance for different plants and vegetables to tips for protecting your irrigation system during winter time. John enjoys writing on gardening topics and brings thorough research and deep personal experience to each piece.


103 Projects Completed

John has not only written numerous articles on the auto industry, but it also happened to be one of his main areas of study. His master's thesis compared to the manufacturing strategies of automakers in the United States and Germany, and he has extensive knowledge of how vehicles are produced, how they're marketed, and the direction the auto market is going.

John's love for automobiles isn't just relegated to the dusty world of academia, but he also loves the roar of a motor and the design that goes into making a great car. John has also written numerous articles on specific automobiles, helping businesses promote their vehicles and accessories. He has also written extensively on motorcycles, and happens to be a motorcycle lover himself. His articles range from tips on long-distance motorcycle rides to opinion pieces on the best motorcycle shows in the world, just to name a few.

Let John write an article for you about cars, trucks or motorcycle, and you'll see why readers love his content.

Press Release

173 Projects Completed

John is a press release wizard. He has worked for non-profits and media outlets, helping these organizations craft winning press releases that draw interest, sales conversions, press coverage, and buzz. John works hard with each client to ensure they have the press release that fits their specific needs.

John has written press releases for the following industries:
+Fitness and nutrition
+Real estate

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