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Brianna received B.A. in Journalism and Professional Writing from The College of New Jersey, after completing two editorial internships and serving as the award-winning student newspaper's editor-in-chief and web editor.

Brianna currently writes for various websites, including Patch.com and TheCelebrityCafe.com. She also ghostwrites two blogs (one on education, the other on business) and regularly crafts keyword-rich content for other clients. As of the end of 2013, she has also ghostwritten four books.

She has also worked as an editor for Skyword, Inc., a content writing service for companies like Coldwell Banker and Boundary.

Brianna goes by the mantra "The more words, the less meaning". While she certainly fills word count quotas, she provides quality and meaning that add to the work, never fluff and fillers.


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Industry Projects

  • Entertainment100+
  • Home Living20+
  • Travel20+
  • Insurance10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Currently writes columns and entertainment news articles for TheCelebrityCafe.com, including conducting interviews with actors.

Has written multiple press releases for different bands. Has also written specialty articles for different clients on various pop culture and entertainment subjects.

Home Living

Has worked on several web content projects for individuals and companies focused on home living. This includes articles, "about us" pages, social media profiles, and more.

In addition to this work, Brianna ghostwrote a book on household cleaning advice in 2013.


Brianna got her start in travel writing when she studied abroad in Costa Rica during her junior year of college, covering her adventures in a blog for Abroad101.com. After graduation, she went on to complete a series of travel articles for different clients on a wide variety of cities and countries, including (but not at all limited to) Spain, England, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, South Africa, the Netherlands, Jordan, Egypt, Australia, Ukraine, and Sweden.


In addition to ghostwriting a booklet on homeowners insurance (in California), Brianna has extensive experience in writing web articles about various aspects of insurance, geared towards the consumer. She particularly specializes in life insurance, but she has covered other forms as well.

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