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Tara has been writing professionally for more than 10 years. As a crafter of sentences, she writes about everything and anything that she can research thoroughly, but her specialties include family travel, camping, outdoor recreation, natural health, vegetarian cooking, home living, education, pet care, outdoor recreation, and adventure travel. Tara is equally comfortable writing social media posts and product descriptions as she is writing blog posts, white papers, and feature-length articles. Her extraordinary content is SEO-friendly, engaging, and conversational in tone. Tara's impeccable research skills and perfectionist attitude make her a great candidate for your writing project or team.

Before pursuing a full-time writing career, Tara worked with non-profit organizations to help them brand and market their unique mission. She has written grants, created brochures, and developed marketing campaigns for a number of local organizations, and she still works tirelessly with nonprofits that are near and dear to her heart.

Tara is a passionate gardener, urban homesteader, and world traveler. She currently works from home full-time while homeschooling her teenage sons.
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Tara maintains and writes an award-winning travel blog where she discusses the ups and downs of family adventure travel. She is also a frequent contributor to numerous homeschool, dog-training, parenting, and gardening blogs.


Tara is a work-at-home mom, living and writing in rural Vermont. She is passionate about gardening, homeschooling, and exploring the world. She also raises guide dog puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Whether she's writing, hiking, or out on the town, she always has a four-legged student by her side.


Community College of Vermont

Tara studied Liberal Arts with a focus on creative writing and journalism.


246 Projects Completed

Tara leads an active lifestyle and loves spending time outside and discovering new passions. She loves adventure travel, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing. She frequently writes about recreational opportunities found throughout the world. Her goal is to excite people about the abundant and diverse recreational opportunities availalbe, while discovering the health benefits of an active and adventurous life.


131 Projects Completed

Writing about unique places across the globe is one of Tara's absolute favorite pastimes. She maintains a personal travel blog, where she writes about budget travel and family vacations. She has also written for travel agencies, hotels, and adventure-travel websites, focusing on unique destinations and cultural immersion. Tara has traveled the world extensively, and her passion for adventures shines in her writing.


105 Projects Completed

Tara is a frequent contributor to various homeschool and parenting blogs. She writes about education, homeschooling, natural parenting, and home living.

In addition to homeschooling her own kids as work-at-home mom, she has also worked extensively teaching art, language, and gardening classes to kids of all ages.


101 Projects Completed

Tara is a Vermont Master Gardener who has been exploring a passion for gardening since she was a child. She maintains an urban homestead in Vermont and specializes in edible landscaping, small-scale gardening, and fruit production. She is the director of her town's community garden, and works for the local farmers' market, designing art and agriculture programs for children.

She frequently writes about these topics and is passionate about helping others embrace gardening as a life-skill necessary for healthy and vibrant families, homes, and communities.


98 Projects Completed

Tara has used her meticulous research skills to write a myriad of health-related articles. Her skill as a wordsmith can translate hard-to-understand topics into concise and easy-to-ready articles. Her goal is to encourage people to work with their health-care practitioners to take charge of their own health.

Tara's own health and nutrition journey began when her aging parents became ill and she attempted to navigate through the traditional health-care system. She became disenchanted as her parents' doctors prescribed more and more drugs, and spent less and less time with them.

As she researched her parents' options, she realized that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle could have a positive effect on her parents' illness. She believes that a healthy, active lifestyle is the most important way to ward off disease.


54 Projects Completed

Tara is a lifelong animal lover and a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Since she began working with the organization in 2007, she has learned a lot about forming a deeper connection with animals. She currently writes the organization's monthly newsletter. She is a regular contributor to a highly-ranked dog training website, and she has written numerous articles about dog training and socialization, as well as more general articles about veterinary care, pet emergencies, and natural remedies for pets.


44 Projects Completed

Tara has been delving into the world of natural health, whole foods, and vegetarian cooking for more than 20 years. She is a fanatical cookbook collector and loves to experiment with recipes from around the globe. She is passionate about healthy eating and has written numerous articles, blog posts, and recipes about her experiences and explorations on the topic.

Real Estate

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As a landscape designer who has bought and sold numerous commercial and residential properties, Tara has the first-hand experience necessary to help clients shine in a competitive real-estate market.

Tara has written numerous blog posts and real-estate articles as well as descriptions of properties for sale. She knows that the right words can paint a picture of a property, attracting clients and making sales.

Green Living

31 Projects Completed

Tara is an urban homesteader who takes green living seriously. She has researched and written numerous articles about green topics, including solar energy, the tiny house movement, organic produce, vegetarian cooking,natural product reviews, and recycling.

Blog Post

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Tara maintains several blogs, including a community gardening blog, and a family travel blog. She has been a guest blogger on several well-know blogs, writing about homesteading, organic gardening, pet care, homeschooling, and traveling.

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200 Projects Completed

Tara's twitter posts are short and engaging, making use of important keywords to help businesses integrate social media into their marketing strategies.


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Tara researches and writes engaging articles on a variety of subjects with a quick turnaround. Her research skills are impeccable, and she writes with a voice that is friendly and professional.

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Tara' Facebook posts are short and memorable. She uses her knowledge of SEO and meta descriptions to engage the reader, highlighting information that will keep the reader clicking onward to find out more.

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