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Jason H
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Jason Harper is an accomplished freelance copywriter with a rich tapestry of experience that extends over a decade across various industries. He has adeptly managed social media campaigns and email marketing for e-commerce platforms, produced compelling articles for leading automotive dealerships, and crafted well-researched content for insurance information hubs like Jason is also recognized as an authority in business and marketing writing with significant contributions to

His extensive portfolio showcases hundreds of articles that reflect his versatility in adopting diverse tones and styles without compromising on quality. With proficiency in SEO optimization, editorial writing, blog posts, press releases, and marketing communications, Jason delivers content that consistently engages and informs target audiences.

As an Operations Manager at PhotoBarn, he honed his strategic acumen, transforming insights into action with content that propelled brand narratives and operational effectiveness forward. His transition to full-time freelance writing further solidified his expertise in market research, website development, and superlative writing skills.

Jason's rich history also includes project management excellence and superior customer satisfaction results—skills forged during his tenure as Customer Service Manager. Jason Harper stands out as an invaluable resource for any entity seeking to amplify their content marketing strategy or enhance their operational prowess through stellar written communication.
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