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Deborah is an experienced, seasoned, professional writer and editor who has worked with clients across a broad range of industries and topics for 10+ years. She has demonstrated in-depth research skills, which have enabled her to assist customers seeking content on diverse topics, such as medical drug trials, commercial real estate, technology, drug rehabilitation, travel and legal issues. She is a published author with a byline and has written content for high-profile websites, such as Laser Spine Institute, Global Post and eBay. Plus, she has worked as a writer for the Raleigh News and Observer. With a minor in creative writing and journalism, she is knowledgeable on how to craft an A+ article. Additionally, she is a certified copy editor and infographic author.

Deb has crafted white papers on clinical trials of new drugs and complex legal issues for law firms. Both the legal and medical field have been impressed with her presentation of intricate facts. Plus, she has crafted complex business white papers. When it comes to writing, penned with excellence is her tagline.

Previous articles include a broad range of industries, such as education, health, SEO, technology, fashion, travel, finance and business. Deb also has hands-on business experience. Deb was the owner and operator of several franchises and a new home's sales representative for Martha Stewart homes.
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Crafting engaging blogs, killer headline press releases, factual white papers and infographics are this writer's specialties.


In addition to writing A+ articles, Deb enjoys serving up ethnic culinary delights using regionally authentic recipes, re-purposing antiques and cozying up with a great novel.


CW Post College-Long Island University

Graduating with a cumulative average of 3.6, Deborah successfully completed both general course curriculum and core educational classes. Completing of the undergraduate program culminated with a student-teacher internship in 3rd and 5th grade.

Long Island University at Oakdale

Deborah completed her Master's degree in under two years at the Long Island University at Oakdale, NY.


1,271 Projects Completed

Deborah has successfully completed many legal articles for individual law firms. Article topics have included family law, personal injury law, criminal law and corporate law.


1,081 Projects Completed

Deborah has written many articles for the health care industry on women's, men's and children's health issues. Topics have including nutrition, preventing breast cancer, juvenile diabetes and the detection and treatment of different different cancers.


587 Projects Completed

With hands-on experience of owning and operating several territories of a franchised maid service, Deborah brings experience and expertise when writing on business topics. Deborah has written for a wide range of business industries, including education, medical, HVAC, real estate and technology. Projects have included press releases, marketing brochures and in-depth articles.


581 Projects Completed

Deborah has written articles on different types of weddings, including country club and beach. Topics have included how to choose a wedding gown, wedding invitations, destination weddings, the best venues and extreme places for honeymoons.


563 Projects Completed

Deborah has completed hundreds of articles on developments in technology, including hardware, software and consumer products.


556 Projects Completed

Deborah has written over 500 travel articles covering many topics, such as extreme vacations, exotic travel, budget travel, getting around, travel tips and much more.


538 Projects Completed

Deborah has written hundreds of articles on automobiles, including the car rental business and limousine services. Many of her articles have been published on high-trafficked blogs.


526 Projects Completed

Experience with writing over 500 articles in the entertainment industry. Topics have included classic movies, celebrities, concert venues and entertainment facilities in major cities.


482 Projects Completed

In addition to health topics, Deborah has compiled many articles for the skincare industry. Topics range from the latest technology in skincare products to organic skincare products.


449 Projects Completed

With up-to-date information, Deborah has outlined the educational pathways for a variety of careers, including medical technician, educational leaders, occupational therapists and technology specialists. Topics have also included the current salaries and job outlook.

Real Estate

429 Projects Completed

In addition to being a new home's sales rep for KB Martha Stewart homes, Deborah has crafted many articles for luxury realtors, including neighborhood descriptions, market trends and market analysis.


425 Projects Completed

As a lover of both sports and the outdoors, Deborah has crafted many articles on outdoor sports, including fishing, hunting, mountain biking and alpine skiing. Topics have included best places, equipment and tips for recreational sports.


423 Projects Completed

Deborah has written many articles on the effectiveness of new drugs and results of clinical trials of drugs. In addition, she has written and published many articles on drug websites about the ways to choose a legitimate online pharmacy.

Green Products

405 Projects Completed

Deborah has much experience in writing about green products, including geothermal pumps and solar panels.


341 Projects Completed

Deborah has crafted a large number of articles on consumer electronics, including TV, computer and appliances.


334 Projects Completed

Financially savvy, Deborah has crafted many articles on tax tips for businesses and consumers. In addition, she's written on topics like smart ways to invest tax refund money.


320 Projects Completed

As a lover of fashion herself, Deborah has written a number of articles for fashion blogs regarding the latest trends in both men's and women's fashion.


305 Projects Completed

Deborah has written on many specific topics relating to women, including health conditions, career challenges and raising kids in today's world.


303 Projects Completed

Deborah has written many articles on topics in nutrition, including diets for those with diabetes, juicing, organic foods and exotic fruits. Many of her articles have been published on leading sites.


291 Projects Completed

Deborah has a wide range of experience in writing articles for the medical industry, including drug trials and health disorders.


221 Projects Completed

In addition to being the proud owner of two dogs and two cats, Deborah has written numerous articles on pet health, how to train pets, fun activities for pets and pet-friendly hotels. Many articles have been published on popular pet-friendly hotel sites.


141 Projects Completed

As a retired educator, Deborah has written many articles on education, including career paths, graduate and post graduate study. In addition, she is a published education author.


2 Projects Completed

Uncle Sam is one of Deborah's favorite topics to write about. She has written many governmental articles, including topics on taxes, working for the government, elections, political hot topics and much more. Turn to her when you need an article about government that is well-researched, substantiated, to the point and engaging.

Blog Post

1,979 Projects Completed

Deborah has experience in writing industry-specific blog posts in an engaging and informative manner.

Product Description

558 Projects Completed

Deborah has crafted product descriptions for just about every industry, including fashion, jewelry, technology, collectibles and home electronics. Her writing is always detailed and engaging.

Press Release

289 Projects Completed

As a writer, Deborah has completed many press releases for a wide array of industries, including real estate, legal, travel and business. She is a stickler for using the AP format for press releases and writes a killer headline.

White Paper

235 Projects Completed

Deborah is highly experienced in the research and writing detailed and informative white papers. Previous projects have included white papers over 6,000 words.


52 Projects Completed

Deborah has created content for many types of Power Point presentations, including travel, cosmetics and medical topics. Her approach is straightforward, accurate and engaging. She has a flair for putting all the facts together in an easy-to-read format.

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