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Patrice M
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Patrice has ten years of writing experience, which includes newsletter copy, product descriptions, article and blog writing.

Patrice graduated from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She continued her education by studying Learning Theory at the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training.

While attending college, Patrice worked for a nationally franchised pet sitting company. Between dog walks, she handled customer communication and wrote their email newsletter. Implementing writing into her work with pets helped Patrice transition smoothly into a writing career.

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Patrice specializes in helping businesses get personal with current and potential customers, by writing unique and relevant content that gets the consumer's attention.


Patrice enjoys writing about pet nutrition, training and care. She also has a vast amount of knowledge in human behavior, shopping, health, fitness, and beauty.


San Diego State University

Patrice attended San Diego State University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. Her studies also included courses in American Sign Language, History, HIV and AIDS awareness and Music History. Patrice is proud and grateful to have spent her time learning in such a diverse environment.

Karen Pryor Academy

Patrice spent 6 months delving into studying learning processes of both animals and humans.


52 Projects Completed

Patrice has worked in the pet sitting and animal training industry for ten years. She is a certified animal trainer, specializing in fearful dogs. Throughout her career, she has used her expertise to keep in contact with clients by writing newsletters and advertising for a national franchise.


10 Projects Completed

Patrice is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She uses her vast knowledge that she gained to help couples and families learn to communicate effectively and solve underlying issues.


8 Projects Completed

From a young age, Patrice was a little bit beauty obsessed. She enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years. Patrice specializes in beauty from a natural approach, with an appreciation for organic products that is free from animal testing.


3 Projects Completed

Patrice comes from a long line of family accountants. She enjoys writing pieces that will help average people take charge of their personal finances.

Newsletter Content

100 Projects Completed

Patrice has years of experience researching and writing quality content for newsletters that will engage clients and provide them with a call to action, increasing their interest in becoming a regular customer.


53 Projects Completed

Patrice has written articles regarding shopping, finance, breaking news, celebrity and more. Her advanced research skills help her provide the latest information while writing engaging pieces.

Blog Post

24 Projects Completed

Patrice has her own blog, where she writes about shopping, beauty and health, pets, travel, and whatever other interesting subjects life brings her way. She also writes guest pieces for numerous blogs.

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