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Bobbi's background includes sixteen years in business management, including eleven years supervising large chains. She has taught numerous classroom sessions on business management, sales, and various software applications. She has also managed very large regional non-profit projects. Bobbi has written numerous articles on topics in business management for websites, corporate newsletters, business blogs, and one major private university. She has written countless marketing materials and sales scripts. Bobbi has authored an abundance of sales, customer service and operations training materials, including comprehensive training manuals in both the fitness and property management industries. She also wrote nationally-distributed materials for a federally funded non-profit organization. Additionally, Bobbi served as Managing Editor of two widely distributed corporate newsletters and on the Editorial Board of an internationally distributed internal magazine for a global corporation.
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Bobbi specializes in: general business analysis and management including: business chain supervision; investment real estate management; health and fitness business management; sales, operations, management and various software training, market, operations analysis; multi-media advertising, promotional events, public relations; customer services (passive marketing); operations management, operational systems design; office management; hiring; management development; contract negotiations; contractor management, basic contract writing, conflict resolution; public relations; safety management; internal auditing; asset maintenance management; budget management (income and expense projections and assumptions, capital investment); professional / technical writing (reports, presentations, marketing, sales and training materials, business newsletters).


Bobbi personal interests include reading, writing, running (5K training), volunteering, music, gardening, boating, hiking, fishing, theater, and traveling.


University of Missouri - St. Louis

Bobbi is a graduate student at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. She expects to graduate with a master's degree Philosophy in May, 2017. She plans to pursue the Ph.D. in Philosophy.


525 Projects Completed

MARKETING and SALES -- Bobbi has systematically increased competitive effectiveness of multiple regional business chains through her focus on generating high morale and maximizing structured sales and service training and assessments. The confidence she has inspired in site managers and staff throughout regions has yielded dramatically upgraded performance standards. Her emphasis on elevating customer services to exceptional levels of quality and diligently maintaining customer satisfaction monitoring systems have very significantly strengthened client relations and facilitated implementation of essential customer persistency and prospect referral programs. She has produced consistently exceptional results through her creations of multi-faceted marketing programs and introducing new, and optimizing existing systems for development of prospect leads through effectively mining valuable data archives of former customer and prospect information. She has optimized the efficacy of her business-building endeavors by streamlining sales and service systems, maintaining the highest standards of organizational efficiency while continually meeting the challenge of adhering to sales and marketing budgets.


515 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Bobbi's abundant impressive references attest to her track record of transforming non-volume businesses into formidable competitors, and leading those of average performance to unprecedented success. In a variety of chains, and other multi-location businesses, she has consistently exceeded employers' and clients' expectations, shattering their gross income records and achieving striking increases to their net profits by identifying their needs in the contexts of their markets, offering innovative perspectives, and effectively implementing solutions in all facets of sales, service, operations, and administration.

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286 Projects Completed

As a content writer, Bobbi has sold numerous blog posts drawing from her broad experience in business transformation and growth, management development, and advanced sales training. Her work has been consistently highly rated by WriterAccess clients (with a current rating of 31% Exceeded My Expectations for blog post orders alone, and an overall rating of 39% Exceeded My Expectations of the 243 total orders completed (as of 11-12-17), including blogs, articles, and web pages). This explains why Bobbi is sought by multiple WriterAccess clients for Solo orders on topics in areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, Legal, and Medical.


262 Projects Completed

Bobbi has written countless business management articles, thought leadership articles, and training newsletter articles for regional, national, and international corporations in two industries. And, she has written a number of articles on regional business conditions and academic institutions that have been published in newspapers throughout the St. Louis metro region. Of the total of 243 orders Bobbi has written for WriterAccess clients, 19 were articles for publication. Of those 19, she has received 13 "Exceeds My Expectations” ratings from clients—an astounding 68%. And, her ratings on orders overall, which include blog posts, articles, and web pages on topics in various areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, and Health. She has received client ratings of “Exceeded My Expectations” on 39% of the 243 orders completed (as of 11-12-17), and on 60% of the last 20 orders.

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58 Projects Completed

Bobbi has written numerous web pages for WriterAccess clients' websites, across a variety of sales and service businesses, medical practices, law offices, accounting firms, shipping companies, travel sites, and others. A spectacular 52% of clients have rated the web page content received from her as "Exceeded My Expectations", out of the 58 completed (as of 11-12-17)

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