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Bobbi's background includes sixteen years in business management, including eleven years supervising large chains. She has taught countless classroom sessions on business management, sales, advanced sales closing, CRM, and various business software applications. Bobbi has written numerous articles on topics in business management for websites, corporate newsletters, business blogs, and a major private US American university. And, she has written a vast array of business management, sales training, marketing, sales scripts, customer services, operations, and technical processes training materials, including comprehensive company training manuals in two industries. She also wrote nationally-distributed teaching materials for a federally funded non-profit organization. Additionally, Bobbi has served as Managing Editor of two widely distributed corporate newsletters and as an Editorial Board member of an internationally distributed internal magazine for a global corporation. She has also led multiple highly successful regional non-profit projects for Midwestern organizations, including writing compelling content for comprehensive non-profit media packages.
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Bobbi specializes in organizational development and operational reorganization, including comprehensive general business needs analysis and reorganization management, and supervision of regional business chains, typically including management training, sales and operations training, various software training, market and operations analysis, multi-media advertising management, high-volume promotional events design and regional execution, public relations, government relations, customer services (passive marketing), operational systems design and implementation, office management oversight, credit and collections departments oversight, telemarketing training and production oversight, hands-on single-site management and staff development, turn-around of non-volume business sites, contract negotiation, contractor management, conflict resolution, safety management, various internal auditing, asset maintenance management, broad-scale budget projections and assumptions, and capital budgeting and investment.


Bobbi personal interests include reading, writing, running (5K training), volunteering, music, gardening, boating, hiking, fishing, theater, traveling, and sitting or lying on the couch.


University of Missouri - St. Louis

Bobbi is a graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She received her Master's degree in Philosophy in May, 2017.


1,005 Projects Completed

Health & Fitness business chain management supervision and redevelopment, leadership training and coaching, fitness business management consulting, promotional projects design and implementation, all fitness programs design, including free weight and virtually all brands of pin-select weight resistance machines, certification of instructors for aerobics, calisthenics, and numerous other fitness classes, nutrition counselor training, internal health supplement and fitness training aids revenue chain development.


1,000 Projects Completed

Bobbi has written countless published business articles and training materials and two comprehensive training manuals for business chains in two industries. Her background includes sixteen years in business management, including eleven years supervising large chains across two industries. She has taught countless formal classroom training sessions on business management, sales, and various software applications. She has also managed regional non-profit projects. Bobbi has written numerous articles on topics in business management training, leadership training, sales management training, sales and advanced sales employee training, web and print media marketing, SEO training, customer service training, operations training, 5S training, and a number of software training courses across multiple operating systems. Her training articles, blog posts, eBooks, guidelines, and tests have been published throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia on leadership and management training websites, websites and classroom materials in universities and other academic institutions, in corporate training newsletters, large corporate and small business blogs, and national magazines. Bobbi also wrote nationally-distributed public training materials for a voluminous manual sponsored by a federally-funded non-profit organization.
Just some of the special topics on which Bobbi has provided live training and/or written training materials include:
General business analysis and management including: business chain supervision; investment real estate management; health and fitness business management; sales, operations, management and various software training, market, operations analysis; multi-media advertising, promotional events, public relations; customer services (passive marketing); operations management, operational systems design; office management; hiring; management development; contract negotiations; contractor management, basic contract writing, conflict resolution; public relations; safety management; internal auditing; asset maintenance management; budget management (income and expense projections and assumptions, capital investment); professional / technical writing (reports, presentations, marketing, sales and training materials, business newsletters).
As a new freelance content writer working through an online service, Bobbi sold 53 articles on various business development and training topics between June and December 31, 2013. Her work continues to be consistently very highly rated by WriterAccess clients, and she is very frequently sought for direct assignments by multiple clients who need top-quality comprehensive training content.


1,000 Projects Completed

Bobbi's long track record of consistently extraordinary regional management success across two industries and project leadership roles in large nonprofit endeavors has been grounded in her sales and sales training expertise. Bobbi has conducted countless formal classroom training sessions and/or written countless training articles, blog posts, and materials for training on the topics below:

Some special sales and sales-related topics on which Bobbi has taught in live sessions or written include the following, among others:

Public Speaking
Steps of the Selling Process
Trial Closing, Closing and Re-closing
Answering Objections
Post-Close Follow Up
Advanced Sales and Closing
Scripting – From Canned to Custom Presentations
Avoiding Buyer's Remorse
Building a Referral Base
Building a Passive Marketing Program (Repeat Business Base)
Interpersonal Communications
Inter-Cultural Communications
Active Listening
Body Language
Eye Movement Interpretation
Sales Vocabulary
Personality Types
Deal Killers
Stage Setting
Counselor Sales Model
Challenger Sales Model
Collaborative Sales Model
Buddy Sales Model
Selling Fundamentals
Types of Closes
Shy and Spectacular Sellers
Anyone Can Sell
Integrity in Sales
The Great Sales Tradition
The Critical Role of Sales Professionals
Cold Calling
Closing Methods
When It's Time to Ask for the Money
I Can Sell. Why Can't I Close?
Increasing Your Closing Ratio
Lead Nurturing
Lead Conversion
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Why Sales Organizations Need CRM Technology
Competitive Market Analysis
Shopping Your Competitors
Value vs. Price vs. Cost
Sales Talent – Nature vs. Nurture
Advanced Objection Handling
Sales Training for Direct Sales Reps
Sales Training for Inside Salespeople
Call Center Metrics
First-Call Resolution
Appointment Setting
The Business Benefit of Working with an Angry Customer
High Ticket Sales and Closing
Business Brokering
Real Estate Sales
Small Business Sales
Selling to Corporate Buyers
B2B Sales
B2C Sales
Selling Fundamentals
The Buying Process
The Sales Pipeline
Prospect Needs Analysis
The Customer Lifecycle
From Lead to Customer Lifecycle End
Online Forms and Pipeline Entry
Tradeshow Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Marketing Meets Sales
Lead Qualification
Selling Techniques
Knowing Your Target Market
The Benefits of Working with an Informed Buyer
What You Should Know Before You Start a Sales Career
Habits of Successful Sales Professionals
Self-Motivation in Sales
Avoiding Burn Out in Sales
Building a Knowledge Base for Salespeople
Negotiating 101
Networking for Salespeople
Turnover , Double Team, Other Tactics
Advanced Selling Behaviors
Philosophy of Sales I
Philosophy of Sales II
Preparation for Selling at Your New Company
The Role of the Sales Professional
Management Track Through Sales
Competitive Market Analysis
Shopping the Competition
Dead Lead Resources
Product vs Service Sales
Contract Sales
What Do You Believe In?

Real Estate

120 Projects Completed

Large portfolio commercial and multi-family property management supervision and training, and consulting.


108 Projects Completed

Bobbi's abundant impressive professional references attest to her track record of success in business reorganization and transformation of non-volume businesses into formidable competitors, as well as in leading average performers to unprecedented competitive success. Supervising multiple regional full-scale dual-facility health club and free weight gym chains, and large portfolios of multi-family investment properties, she has consistently exceeded employers' and clients' expectations, shattering their gross income records and achieving striking increases to their net profits, by identifying their needs in the contexts of their markets, offering innovative perspectives, and effectively implementing solutions in all facets of sales, service, operations, and administration.


38 Projects Completed

Bobbi has systematically increased competitive effectiveness of multiple regional business chains by consistently producing exceptional results in creating and implementing multi-faceted marketing programs involving from various parts, to virtually all types of marketing across the spectrum of appropriate and possible marketing activities for a given industry and market. She is known for pulling out all stops in cost-effective multi-media campaigns and in passive marketing programs.

Her marketing strategies have consistently broken existing records for sales and renewal business traffic due to a comprehensive strategy that includes intensive focus on introducing new, and optimizing existing systems for development of new and redevelopment of aged prospect leads. She has implemented this marketing concept by leading marketing teams through highly-effective processes of mining valuable archives of contact and activity information for former customer and previously inquiring prospects.

Further, her overall strategy has significantly increased effectiveness of passive marketing components of the larger marketing program by radically increasing emphasis on elevating customer services to exceptional levels of quality, and by diligently maintaining customer satisfaction monitoring systems. This marketing approach has very significantly strengthened client relations and facilitated implementation of essential customer persistency and exceptionally productive prospect referral programs.

Bobbi has optimized the efficacy of these essential, but all too often overlooked or undermanaged business-building staples, by streamlining sales, service, and referral systems, and maintaining the highest standards of organizational efficiency in the marketing contingent. This comprehensive approach to marketing management has repeatedly led to unprecedented successes of marketing programs under Bobbi's direction, with team after team proving that they can meet the challenge of generating sufficient sales prospect traffic to grow the business while adhering to marketing budgets.

Blog Post

879 Projects Completed

As a content writer, Bobbi has sold hundreds of blog posts, drawing from her broad experience in business reorganization, growth, management development, advanced sales training, various standard and custom software training. Her work has received an exceptionally high percentage of Exceeded My Expectations ratings from WriterAccess clients. Bobbi is sought by multiple WriterAccess clients for Solo orders on topics in areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Health & Fitness, Legal, and Medical articles, blogs, and web pages.

Web Page

444 Projects Completed

Bobbi has written content for numerous landing, product, sales, About, and general information pages for WriterAccess clients' websites across a variety of product sales, sales and service businesses, medical practices, law offices, accounting firms, shipping companies, travel sites, and others. A spectacular 52% of clients have rated web page content received from her as "Exceeded My Expectations" (11-12-17).


250 Projects Completed

Bobbi has written countless business management, thought leadership and training articles for regional, national, and international corporations for many companies across a number of industries. And, she has written articles on regional business conditions, and on government and academic institutions that have been published in multiple newspapers throughout the St. Louis metro region. Bobbi has written hundreds of articles, blog posts, and web pages on topics in management, business, health, real estate, and law for WriterAccess clients. For her work on the WA platform, she has received an exceptional percentage of "Exceeds My Expectations” ratings from clients.


7 Projects Completed

These three eBooks are not reflecting on the WriterAccess platform system tally, because the clients' data entries did not categorize them as such, for whatever reason. But, she has completed these three eBooks for WriterAccess clients. (See clients' quality ratings and comments following each summary below)

1) eBook for new mothers

Guidance through the first three months post -natal, including infant care, mother's physical care, spousal collaboration, household management, extended family engagement management.

2) eBook for website localization project owners

Thorough introduction to the comprehensive range of website localization preparations, including technological internationalization, cultural research, document execution, and localization processes, including translation, various quality testing, and marketing and support services localization. Also included are an glossary of industry terms and an extensive index.

3) eBook for video game localization project owners

Thorough introduction to the comprehensive range of game localization preparations, including technological internationalization, cultural research, document execution, and localization processes, including translation, various quality testing, and marketing and support services localization. Also included are an glossary of industry terms and an extensive index.

4) eBook for agile software training experts

eBook on comparative merits of various agile software systems, expanded overview of relative features and benefits, numerous process descriptions and discussions of how they work, problem-solving approaches of each, backlog management systems, case samples, platform pros and cons, and other information.

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