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Kathy holds an M. Ed. in instructional design. She incorporates SEO in her writing while still providing quality content in all areas from product descriptions and book reviews to controversial topics and well-developed research.

Though she started as an educational writer developing lessons plans and putting intricate research into terms anyone can understand, Kathy is always interested in researching new topics and goes out of her way to meet the needs of her clients.


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Kathy has written extensively in the area of kids and family. Her work ranges from parenting topics, through developmental stages and delays, and includes instruction as to how to teach for understanding within specific demographics.

Self Help

Kathy has a firm belief that a person is in charge of his or her own destiny. Because of this, she likes to provide useful information that can help people gain an understanding of how much power they have over their own lives. Self help is an area that she greatly enjoys developing topics for as so many people are unaware of their own abilities.


Kathy is familiar with a variety of academic writing styles and has worked most often with MLA and APA formats. She is able to develop academic papers from the question to be considered, through the elements of understanding and an easily understood conclusion. Her abstracts are conclusive and designed to leave the reader with understanding of the topic and an urge to investigate the details of the paper.

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