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TJ is pursuing a degree Business at Northeastern University with concentrations in the fields of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems. His experience in the classroom and in the working world has given him the attention to detail necessary for working in IT and logistics. TJ has been writing online for a year, producing content for sites such as Yahoo Voices and Alienware Arena.
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TJ understands that with the breadth of information available on the internet, depth is what is truly valuable. Due to his skill with researching new concepts and ideas, he is capable of writing, clear, in depth, and unique content on a variety of subjects.


TJ enjoys ballroom dance, eSports, cooking, soccer, hockey, ultimate frisbee, music, personal finance, and video games.


Northeastern University

TJ attends Northeastern University where he is majoring in Business. He is concentrating in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems.


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TJ has written a number of articles published on the Alienware Arena website. He was responsible for coming up with topics to discuss and creating original content, which provided him with essential experience in working with minimal supervision.


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TJ is a proficient cook and enjoys a variety of cuisines, especially Asian and Tex-Mex, as well as baking. TJ's experience with cooking in college has provided him with unique experience on creating good meals while reducing costs and using with fewer tools. He also enjoys sharing his favorite recipes online.


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TJ has worked in Supply Chain Management at a hospital purchasing inventory, delivering products to operating rooms and offices, and capturing cost savings. This work experience has also translated into writing experience both in the classroom and online as he has provided information and tips to people who are considering working in the industry.

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TJ has written blog style posts for Alienware Arena, where he discussed topics such as an update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, modifications for Fallout: New Vegas, and the strange and unique games that one can find on the internet. He has also written posts for Yahoo Voices about topics such as throwing a successful New Year's Eve party.

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