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Linda is a journalist who has developed a wide range of experience in her 24-year writing and reporting career. On local newspapers, she covered everything from breaking news in City Hall to the latest alternative health treatments. An award-winning journalist, she is just as comfortable writing about the latest workout equipment as a time-honored approach to growing vegetables in a home garden. She believes that everyone has a story and every topic deserves fair and equal treatment.

As a freelance writer, Linda is a journeyman. She can research any topic and turn complicated topics into fresh, readable copy that any visitor can understand. Her research takes her through the popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons and the complicated theories of business that drive 21st century commerce. She can find resources and references to support your topic and turn in authoritative and insightful articles that are easy and pleasurable to read.

She has extensive experience researching and writing about beauty and health, particularly in the natural arena. Her mind/body articles have received significant attention. Lifestyle, personal finance, medical research, fitness and gardening round out her extensive background.

If you can envision it, Linda can put it into words. She has perfected the craft of clear communications. As a journalist and copy writer, she can take complicated topics and break them down for your readers. She is original and creative when crafting web content meant to grab and hold readers to the end of the article, tackling each assignment as if it's her only work.

Linda respects deadlines and understands the fast-changing world of Internet copy. With a broad knowledge of search engine optimization, she creates copy that your target market easily can find in the maze of available web content.You'll get clean, ready-to-go copy requiring little, if any, revision.

She understands the value of the client's voice and strives to maintain that tone in her work. Whether they're targeting a young, hip audience who values a smart turn of a phrase or to a senior market that prefers straight factual information, Linda can reach an audience with just the right amount of class and connectivity.

Linda served as a staff member on local newspapers and business publications and worked in state government grinding out regular press releases. As a small business owner, she knows the territory and eagerly translates her forte for salesmanship into a product you'll appreciate. She is a full-time freelance writer who can handle your assignments 24/7, 365 days a year.



Linda works part time in the human resource development department at the local community college, teaching and advising students through a range of career oriented courses. She crafts press releases for her department, relying on her state government experience as a spokesperson for the commerce department.
She specializes in short, informational, blog entries for a variety of clients, ranging from automotive parts distributors to gastroenterologists and fitness professionals.
She also is experienced in book editing and serves as a ghost writer for authors when asked.
She can write essays and book reviews, cover restaurant openings and rate travel destinations.


Linda is a (young) working grandmother who revels in spending time with her two grandchildren. Nearing retirement, she has taken a special interest in the issues affecting seniors and writes extensively on a variety of topics that interest that population.
Linda is a musician and devours books of all kinds.She has a wide network of diverse friends and devotes hours every week to those enduring relationships.
Her secret pleasure is television and is particularly pleased with the caliber of talent on the small screen.
She is a world traveler and continues to move around the world at a moment's notice.


Norfolk State University

After trying out a number of different career tracks, Linda landed on the one and only option that would work for her -- Journalism. She was born a writer and stumbled over other topics that included accounting, physical education and theater. When she finally started her journalism studies, the work went as smoothly as a knife through soft butter. Just the right mentors and internships appeared and the rest is history.


300 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Linda covered business for a regional weekly business newspaper, primarily writing about banking, development, nonprofits and small business. As an editor at a national magazine, she covered the franchise industry. Online, Linda has produced hundreds of small business-related articles geared toward entrepreneurs. She also runs a small business and continues providing online content for a wide range of clients.


100 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Linda covered the human resource industry while working on the features desk at a Southeastern daily newspaper. She participated in local HR association activities. She's written hundreds of career-oriented pieces for numerous online publications. Linda also teaches human resource development courses at a community college to students in transition.


100 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Linda has been immersed in marketing for her entire career, writing about the various ways company's market successful, tips for getting the word out for small business owners as well as entire marketing plans. She created and taught a marketing class for nonprofit professionals. Linda is highly efficient and possess extensive research skills she shares with readers through her own blog as well as in articles for online publications.


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