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Devon is an innovative digital marketing researcher, business communications writer, copywriter and lifestyle writer and published short story author who's been active for nine years. He's sold over two million words, having won several writing awards for science fiction and comedy. His published work has appeared in digital magazines, a podcast, an Atlanta trend magazine and top-ranking lifestyle websites. Devon offers one of the fastest turnaround times available, prioritizing clients in need of bulk orders, competitive speed, and newsworthy material.

He enjoys in-depth research, ongoing communication, and a proactive approach to communication to ensure quality material. Devon offers incredibly concise, informative content with incredibly competitive deadlines and unique approaches to memorable topics.

Devon promises to provide his clients with:

-Material researched from current industry leaders and trendsetters.
-A highly unique voice.
-Quick turnaround.
-Pricing flexibility.
-Emergency "rush" orders.
-Industry insight.

Primarily, Devon specializes in finance, marketing, management and other business areas. He is knowledgeable about new and upcoming trends, and his unique perspective to industries offers engaging, insightful material relevant to social media marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing and business trajectories. He's worked closely alongside industry trend-setters, mobile marketing professionals and mobile app creation entrepreneurs, too, focusing on cross-channel marketing, digital strategies and haptic technology.

He offers an incredibly decisive, funny and unique voice in every project. Having been published in science fiction and comedy, Devon has appeared on an online e-zine and podcast. He has also been awarded with a Silver Honorable Mention for the Writers of the Future Contest in 2015's fourth quarter, judged by several professional science fiction and fantasy authors, including Orson Scott Card. He won another Silver Honorable Mention in 2016's third quarter in the same contest, submitting other work. Devon is an avid fiction reader, and he intends to produce novel-length works in the future.

As a previous United States Swimming athlete who's practiced in Florida's Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Devon has a high degree of knowledge in fitness, health, dieting and wellness lifestyle. He's additionally worked with Abercrombie & Fitch, focusing on modern fashion trends, fashion marketing and digital marketing.

Devon has also provided technical writing for several health industries, including senior care, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and the dental world. Recently, he has provided content for a selection of contact lens companies and has focused on exercise effects on cognitive health for several fitness blogs.

Devon has focused on financial spheres, including supplemental security income benefits and resources, accounts receivable financing, management-related accounting and financing, brand management and payroll guides.

Devon has created product reviews, descriptions and promotions for many household items and utility providers, including kitchenware, laundry devices, home furnishing, rugs, stair stoppers, stair-tread rubber, wooden shutters, chimney caps and telephones. Additionally, he has provided articles pertaining to water damage, floor and rug repair, roof repair, pest control, drain cleaning and seasonal preparations.
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Devon is a Millennial, so he's incredibly well-read on modern trends, voice, tone and themes. His style is directed to the Internet's biggest reader population. He can additionally "shift" his style at will, if need be, to target different markets.

Focuses on blog posts, copywriting, articles, SEO and blog formats.

Offers an intensive focus on product promotion, focusing on features, engaging angles and unique facts.

References material from relevant websites, journals and blogs, and offers a comprehensive view on industry standards, trends, innovative solutions and upcoming options.

Assures complete visibility through the website's messaging system. Clients are welcome to query at any time of day for project plans, time-frames, delays, new ideas, brainstorming, needs, revision requests, price changes and more.


Automotive, automotive parts, health, health products, wellness programs, jewelry, fashion, legal, financial consulting, sports, sports products, marketing, risk management, household repair, real estate, do-it-yourself cleanups and repairs, law, financing, management, fiction, travel, spirituality, literature, fiction, pop culture, movies, video games, electronics, electronic resale, startup businesses, self-help, digital marketing, inbound marketing, event planning, business law, accounts receivable financing, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and hunting.


Florida State University

Bachelor's Degree in both Business Marketing and Creative Writing, focusing on fiction, nonfiction, editing, media, consumer marketing, progressive marketing, inbound marketing solutions, service operations and other areas. Several awards and scholarships obtained while maintaining position as Lead Nonfiction Editor of local literary magazine.


1,703 Projects Completed

Devon has created blog posts, articles and website copy pertaining to brand management, and has promoted various industries through marketing tactics. Has provided white papers for a small firm focusing upon brand alterations, repositioning and creations.

He's primarily focused on brands, brand management, customer relations, consumer behavior, organizational behavior, public relations, legal business environments and foundations of information systems.

Devon has provided website content and blog articles for firms focusing upon social media marketing, email marketing and internet marketing trends. He understands the importance of click-through, SEO effectiveness and prompt response-time to reach and inspire consumers.


762 Projects Completed

Within his own life, Devon has worked with several retail outlets, focusing upon Hollister Co.'s Abercrombie & Fitch. He understands the importance of product promotion, distribution and branding tactics. Additionally, he's focused upon brand promotion, providing several graphic designs for local outlets.

Has created website pages, blog articles and news letters pertaining to jewelry, purse and clothing accessories, fashion trends and history. Has provided content for several websites about yearly award ceremonies, popular brand CEOs and other fashion trends.

Devon understands the importance of providing content geared towards a specific audience, and he understands the need for in-depth research pertaining to history of specific luxury items, and he is capable of presenting clothing, jewelry, bags and accessories in an eloquent way capable of promoting a brand while being informational.


545 Projects Completed

He has created website promotional articles, product descriptions and blog posts about multi-system television, fax machines, printers, computers and computer accessories while delivering informational and customer-accessible content through each description.

He is currently aiding a local distributer of "collector" videogames, covering many Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony platforms. Additionally, he has helped the start-up business locate various, valuable electronics throughout local distribution networks, focusing upon electronic shops, collector stores and online databases.


543 Projects Completed

Provide product descriptions, promotion adds, inventory and parts promotion. Supply owners and repair articles, and provide how-to articles.

Has worked with a number of Eastern United States dealerships, and has provided several locations with promotional advertizements, product information and seasonal promotional information.

Devon has exceptional knowledge about certified pre-owned dealerships, and he has written for several luxury brands, like Cadillac and Infiniti, through associated dealerships and vehicle parts outlets.


367 Projects Completed

Has created content for roofing businesses, roofing contractors, wooden shutter replacement companies, exterior paining services and for the general construction market.

Has created how-to blog and website articles focusing on do-it-yourself repair, locksmith services, drain repair, bathroom upgrades and repairs, rug steam cleaning and general repair articles.

Has additionally provided news articles pertaining to the construction market, real estate, the housing crunch, re-modeling and customizable construction services.

Devon has provided work for several contractors, and he's currently aiding a local startup business with pickups, deliveries, construction materials and promotions.


252 Projects Completed

Has provided general articles, blog posts and website content for several health corporations. Has supplied different locations with product info, procedure and treatment steps and processes. Has focused on health care resources, cool sculpting, mental clinics, eye-care services, neurosurgery and general health. Additionally, has provided product info for a number of sporting and health websites, including product descriptions for sport's bags, apparel and other sporting goods.

Outside of writing, has focused on health nutrition, bodybuilding, sports supplementation and general exercise. Has engaged several sports over a period of fifteen years, including swimming, baseball, soccer, track and field and cross country.


243 Projects Completed

Devon has created a number of articles pertaining to state-wide insurance programs, Supplemental Security Income, auto insurance, health insurance and social security insurance benefits.

Devon understands laws and regulations tied to various areas and industry spheres--and he creates in-depth and informative articles while holding laws and situations constant.

Home Living

178 Projects Completed

Devon has provided in-depth articles pertaining to home improvement and repairs. Have delivered product information and real estate information through blog posts.

Has additionally worked with a large Florida-based air conditioner industry and have assisted lead engineers with air conditioning repair, sprinkler repair, unit repair and pool repair.

Devon is currently assisting a local startup business with interior remodeling, assisting a local distributer in furniture relocation, packing, re-design and distribution.


177 Projects Completed

Has provided articles pertaining to supplemental security income, real estate investments, account receivable financing and supplied corporate blog posts.

Additionally, has worked on a small collection of white papers for firms relaying information pertinent to managerial financing.

Outside of writing, has worked with a leading retail chain, and has promoted marketing techniques through customer relations, style planning and audits.


151 Projects Completed

Provided fitness product descriptions, health content, content for weight loss and hair loss blogs, live-well blogs content. Provide alternatives to common weight-loss techniques

Devon has competed within the United States Swimming League, spanning across local teams, high school teams, college recreational teams and one of Florida's top-performing swim teams, Fort Lauderdale Aquatics. He has swam at both state and national levels, competing within The Swimming Hall of Fame, located in Fort Lauderdale. He has performed at a state-wide competition level, competing in northern Florida against some of the nation's best swimmers.

Devon has performed in many other sports, too, including track and field, baseball, soccer and water polo. In his own time, he has instructed individuals through workout routines and physical therapy routines.

He understands the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, and, currently, he studies anaerobic exercise and health supplementation.


133 Projects Completed

Devon has create blog posts, articles and product descriptions for a number of male wellness products, including cologne, conditioner, shampoo and body spray. He has specialized in creating content for several skin cream providers, too, and he has had experience consulting with medical professionals about common skin problems, including off-coloration and dryness.

He has, additionally, provided content for hair-care products utilized by swimmers susceptible to chlorine and sun damage.


122 Projects Completed

Devon has delivered content pertaining to a variety of technology topics, including, but not limited to:

-Computers, computer parts and customized PC building
-Gaming system resale, restoration and repairs.
-Mobile applications.
-Technology protection.
-Sound systems.
-Innovative household technology (mobile-controlled AC units, touch lighting, etc.).
-Automotive technology and electronics.
-Digital business technology (inbound and outbound mechanics for data gathering).


113 Projects Completed

Devon has provided many articles within the health industry, including website re-creations and service descriptions. Focusing upon neurosurgery, dental, orthodontics, cognitive health, physical health, heart health, joint health and eye health, his exploration of the industry is wide and varied.

Specifically, he has focused upon senior care, local health centers, cold sculpting, contact lenses, organic foods, weight loss and hair loss.

Devon understands that medical ethics aren't just preferred--they're required. With a family medical background, he intends to facilitate understanding within the medical industry--focusing upon insurance requirements and the individual's right to care and services.


88 Projects Completed

Devon is a music enthusiast, researching and creating website articles and blog posts about local performances with the audience's ear in mind.

He has created several articles pertaining to "Rock n' Roll" schools, musical events, the evolution of Alternative Music and more.


81 Projects Completed

Devon has created articles, website content and informative newsletter articles for several American and Canadian-based law firms, focusing upon expungement, local laws and regulations, legal practitioners, automotive attorneys, Social Security law and Supplemental Security Income law.

Recently, Devon has studied dynamics of business law, including marketing laws and regulations, retail law and managerial law.

Devon understands the importance of succinct content capable of delivering a client's services effectively, and he understands the requirements of various legal spheres and practices.


58 Projects Completed

Devon has provided blog posts, company manuals and informative posts pertaining to brand financing, accounts receivable financing, retail financing and marketing financing. He understands the need for conservative approaches to financing and money matters, and he has had experience researching commercial lending and invoice factoring benefits.

He has additionally focused upon financial firm enhancement and advertisement, and he focuses on quick and effective information promotion adhering to current laws, jurisdictions and financing trends.


58 Projects Completed

Devon has provided articles and blog posts pertaining to pet health, temperament and training. He has covered canine health, canine teeth cleaning, dog breeding, dog health, dog exercise and outdoor activities. Additionally, he has delivered content for creating cat playgrounds, purchasing and creating bird cages and "pet-proofing" households.

Devon is an animal-lover, and he understands the need for informative and interesting articles aligning with pet laws and ordinances within different states, countries etc.

High Tech

57 Projects Completed

Devon has created product descriptions, website blog posts and articles for innovative technology and several high-tech electronic companies. Focusing primarily upon video game consoles, computers, adapters and electronic accessories, Devon understands the importance for relaying a product's crucial features while describing high-tech items in terms of "benefits", rather than "features".

Search Marketing

49 Projects Completed

Devon has engaged multiple clients with social media marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing and search marketing solutions. He understands the fundamentals of SEO, search logistics, inbound mechanics, big data and social media mechanics.

He can insure high visibility within search marketing content and solutions. His heavy background in modern marketing collegiate programs has prepared him for innovative solutions within current search systems, social media platforms and upcoming business models.


48 Projects Completed

Devon has delivered content for several gaming websites, stores and associated websites. Recently, he has worked with a client focusing upon a newly-released massively-multiplayer online game (MMO), and he has relayed relevant information through direct experiences. Devon understands online gaming culture, and he understands cross-platform issues and benefits.

He is well-versed in the following consoles:

-Super Nintendo
-Nintendo 64
-PlayStation 2
-PlayStation 3
-PlayStation 4
-Xbox 360
-Xbox One
-Nintendo Wii
-Nintendo Wii U
-Game Boy Color
-Game Boy Advance
-Game Boy Advance SP
-Nintendo DS

Devon is well-rounded within the computer-gaming industry as well, and he currently assists a local Oculus Rift tester with gaming "trials" and adaptations of several non-platform crossover emulations, including Outlast, Mirrors Edge, Half life 2 and Portal


40 Projects Completed

Devon is an outdoor enthusiast, spending nearly 15 years as a swimmer, surfer, skimboarder, runner, wakeboarder, and hiker. He has enjoyed most of the Eastern United States, and is knowledgeable in most water sports, water-based and land-based extreme sports and woodland-based activities.

A resident of South Florida, and common visitor of The Appalachian Mountains, Devon respects nature in every form. He has provided work for a local surf 'n skate shop, provided boating maintenance for friends and family, and engaged in hiking, hunting and fishing activities.


38 Projects Completed

Has created a variety of product descriptions, articles and blog posts for several hardware companies, do-it-yourself blogs and retail websites. He has provided material for appliance, interior design, roofing, maintenance, automotive, plumbing and yard hardware.

Devon understands the importance of providing consumers with thought-promoted descriptions capable of relaying items in terms of "benefits", rather than features while approaching the industry with a clerical eye.


37 Projects Completed

Devon has provided articles pertaining to exercise nutrition, cognitive health and nutrition, general nutrition and sports-based nutrition. He's additionally provided informational blog posts about exercise goals related to proper dietary habits, and has provided a small company with supplement product descriptions and ingredients.

Devon also creates content focused upon organic foods and weight loss, and has created "shopper blogs" about correct selection of organic foods.

Green Living

37 Projects Completed

Devon has provided numerous blog posts, articles and website material for a variety of "green" living companies and associations.

He has conducted research for a variety of German airlines, focusing primarily upon Boeing, and has provided research material for Atmosfair gGmbH--a company focusing upon resource management to reduce greenhouse gasses.

He has also created articles for "green-living" websites promoting decreases in automotive fuel exhaust, household chemical usage while promoting conservative lifestyles.


32 Projects Completed

Has worked with a local universities comedy-based magazine, and has delivered satirical material for audiences age 18-24. Helped create content, edit submissions, create ideas and streamline the magazine's marketing placement.


26 Projects Completed

Devon has created articles and blog posts pertaining to spiritual growth, spiritual rehabilitation, mind-and-body exercise, spiritual life accommodations and health priorities.

He has, additionally, focused heavily upon cognitive health and spirituality, and he has written for several vegan, vegetarian and spiritual health blogs.

Within his own life, Devon studies comparative mythology, primarily the works of Joseph Campbell's Myths to Live by and The Hero with a Thouand Faces. Additionally, he has focused upon the Bhagavad Gita to maintain a holistic spiritual and philosophical view.

He has studied comparative mythology with an emphasis upon medieval romance, Arthurian Romance, classic romance and Greek Romance. Devon intends to produce works of science fiction and fantasy reliant upon a mono-mythical perspective while utilizing modern spirituality to access a wide reader-base.

Devon has personally taken great interest in crystal healing studies, herb and incense uses, healing and creations, rune creation and interpretation, tarot card interpretations, binaural beats therapy and shamanic journeys through the facilitation of smell, touch, hearing and taste.

He currently works with a local spirituality outreach club. The club operates with many, local, shops and providers; these providers focus upon spiritual healing and promote herbs, spiritual healing materials and products.


24 Projects Completed

Devon has created a variety of articles and website blogs for several airlines and travel deal websites. Recently he has been published in a local travel deal website promoting the City Pass.

Living in Florida, Devon is knowledgeable about common vacation destinations, including the Florida Keys, Disney World and other Orlando resort areas. He is knowledgeable in vacation-consumer behavior, and he has conducted marketing research based upon consumer choices and the unique marketing mixes maintained by "hot" destinations.

Recently, he has been published within a Florida-based vacation promotional website. He discussed the benefits of local discounts, referencing popular destinations, like Universal Studios, Disney World and The Florida Keys.

Currently, he resides within Tallahassee, FL, and studies Jacksonville, FL due to its homogenous consumer makeup--making it home to America's best product and service research pool.


18 Projects Completed

He has provided several career newsletters for various blogs and websites, and he has provided content for emerging small and medium businesses intending to utilize goals and scaling to facilitate growth and increase profits.

Devon has focused upon brand management careers, marketing careers, educational careers and finance careers--he understands the importance of solid foundations, visibility and communication within the industry.


17 Projects Completed

Devon has experience with creating appliance product descriptions and self-installation manuals. He has created several website pages for washers, dryers, bathroom sinks, restaurant cleaning appliances and refrigerators.


7 Projects Completed

Devon has created several blog posts and articles for mobile phone innovative designs, new trends and upcoming trends. He focuses upon a marketing approach to convey information and invoke excitement.

Currently, he is working with a website resource for mobile innovative technology, and he has covered topics such as the future of SMS messaging, flexible display screens, mobile batteries and more.

Blog Post

2,372 Projects Completed

Devon has provided a wide array of blog posts for both professional and promotional blogs, and he has delivered unique and clever content for several companies. With a wide understanding of different styles and blogging techniques, Devon is capable of shifting style to fit different atmospheres.


1,482 Projects Completed

Devon has taken over 1,000 articles within the past five years, and he has provided SEO work, product descriptions, advertizements, blog posts, company promotional articles, how-to feature articles and more. He has received direct orders for several Eastern United States automotive dealerships, and he has provided content for several Las Vegas locations. Devon also focuses upon marketing, financing, maintenance, real estate, retail and health.


331 Projects Completed

Devon has written a wide variety of advertisements for products, services and companies, and he has delivered compelling content capable of describing ideas, services and products in an effective way. With a focus upon marketing and brand placement, Devon is specialized in creating succinct, user-friendly and informative content to streamline search engine optimization and utilize keywords.

White Paper

90 Projects Completed

Devon has prepared white papers for several business-to-business marketing firms, and he has focused upon accounts receivable financing, product placement and promotional strategies. He creates content suitable for both knowledgeable and novice viewers, and he can create propelling cases pertaining to a company's greater aspects, establish thought leadership and channel investors. Has experience with backgrounder, problem, solution and promotional white papers.

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