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June 2019 - present. Content creation for veterinary products ahd chemical coatings industries, as well as entrepreneurship.

August 2018 - June 2019. Mentor for SEO certification sequence.

August 2017- April 2018. Social media manager for Tailor Maids Cleaning Service, Steilacoom, Washington. Created and published original content for social media platform and ads. Created publishing schedule and promoted content through social advertising.

September 2005- Present. Creator of over 5000 original, science-based articles on fitness, diet, medical, and and general health topics for websites, blogs, and content marketing. Focus on assisting practitioners and clinics create brand and story to reach new clients and patients. Assisted over 100 trainers, physicians, and naturopaths in writing ebooks, print books, and patient guides from concept to publication and promotion. Recent experience supporting ethical dispensing of both CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). Recent experience in support for cat health and funding for cat rescue projects.

February 2005-Present. Wrote white papers on formulation of stevia products for Australian market, ethical uses of curcumin, shelf stability of "Kampo" (Japanese herbal) products, treatments for obstructive sleep apnea other than CPAP and BiPAP, scientific literature reviews for natural treatments of loss of interest in sex, "reverse rhythm" method to increase chances of conception for couples who cannot afford or who have failed IVF.

January 2014-August 2014. Researched and wrote entire content of website juvenology.com, working with professor of gerontology to double-check facts. 100 aging-related topics.

January 2006- January 2007 Science director for manufacturer of internationally distributed nutritional supplements and over-the-counter health products. Rewrote television and radio scripts to make allowable product claims. Provided 30 articles for direct-to-consumer education.
September 2005-August 2014. Created 1000 articles on acne to test SEO strategies and to help create brand for. ProActiv, popular American acne product. Client sold site to manufacturer.

February 2005-June 2005. Consultant to manufacturer of neem soaps and cleansers and Ayurvedic over-the-counter products. Created copy that resolved FDA and FTC issues with labeling and product claims.

June 1996-June 2007 Author of four books on natural medicine promoted with 300+ call-in radio guest appearances and 600+ guest columns in newspapers and magazines in the US and Canada. Sold 200,000 copies of my book Healing without Medication (Basic Health). Uncredited author (disclosed with permission) of Prescription for Herbal Healing (Avery)

May 1995-May 1996 Chemist, editor, and translator for American Botanical Council in creation and promotion of science-based reference work for ethical use of herbal products by medical professionals.
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Are you a company selling in the pet product market? If so, you are in luck. The American Pet Products Association forecasts that in 2020 sales of pet-related products will top $96 billion — and that's just in North America! The key to tapping this enormous market is finding content writers who can communicate heart-to-heart with pet parents about their beloved furry family members.

What kinds of content sell pet products? And how can Ir help you sell them?

Technical know-how. I have been a chemist, formulator, and manufacturing consultant to veterinary and medical product manufacturers. I am the author or co-author of nine books and over 6000 articles on various topics in pet care and personal health, with an emphasis on hands-on healing.

Pets as family. Most people who have pets do not consider themselves to be “pet owners.” They think of themselves as pet parents. My family has included dogs, cats, carp, chickens, a horse, rabbits, a ferret, a turtle, catfish in a five-acre pond we trained to come up to visit us, goats, sheep, a cow that lived out her life in the pasture, lizards, birds, squirrels, a possum, and a skunk. I can relate to loving animals and treating them as dear family members. I can write in relatable language for all kinds of pet owners.,

Pet health insurance. Better and better pet care results in longer and longer lives for pets, but senior pets need more veterinary attention. Readers need and want to compare their options for pet health insurance

Size matters. Smaller dogs are becoming more popular with younger pet owners who may have limited space, and with older pet owners who find them easier to manage at the dog park. Content about smaller breeds attracts traffic.

Money matters. People love to spoil their fur, feather, and leather babies, but expenses of pet care quickly add up. Articles about hands-on veterinary health care and how to find bargains, sales, discounts, and coupons for everyday pet supplies get traffic.

Having helped formulate, register, and market pet shampoos and skin care products, I have hands-on experience in the pet care products industry. Having been an instructor for a college-level course in SEO, I know how to get good rankings for your content. And having been owned by over 200 animals, I have the heart to relate to your customers.


Natural health methods that work. Currently pursuing certifications in medical cannabis and psychology of addiction.


University of Texas at Austin

Developed employee reward programs for mid-sized manufacturers in the US and Philippines. Wrote professional report (thesis) based on statistical analysis of worker rewards, worker satisfaction, and productivity. Presented papers at national conferences.


685 Projects Completed

Formulator of cat and dog shampoos and nutritional supplements. Assisted veterinarian with lab work to confirm benefits of pet supplements. Wrote 146 articles on feline health for this platform, author of 30 articles on communicating with and training cats and dogs on other platforms. Explains how to become your own cat and dog whisperer to recognize health issues while they are still treatable.


240 Projects Completed

Drafted and edited patient guides, manuals, ebooks, and print books for doctors and naturopaths on cardiovascular rehabilitation, allergy, asthma, ADHD, sleep apnea, meanings of laboratory results, thyroid health, PCOS, in vitro fertilization, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, weight loss, eccentric exercise, and resistance training.


100 Projects Completed

Medical marketing. Assisted physicians specializing in sports medicine, trainers, clinical nutritionists, and manufacturers of physical therapy equipment in creating articles, web content, brochures, and books to explain basic principles of health and rehabiliation in terms of the unique attributes of their practice and products. Created web-published and print-published content on diet, massage, laboratory testing to support fitness goals, gym equipment, ethical sports supplements, and non-drug pain control.


14 Projects Completed

Responsible for creating fully documented articles of 2000 to 5000 words on medical interventions to treat debilities of aging and novel, ethical natural products. Consulted with content strategists and subject matter experts to outline articles, then wrote articles in reader-centered language.


5 Projects Completed

Framed questions from clinical research in terms relatable to investors in production of evidence-based natural products. Specialist in commercialization of Ayurvedic herbs. Wrote white papers, product proposals, responses to Federal Trade Commission interrogatories, and product registrations for over-the-counter nutritional supplements and herb extracts to be sold in the US, Canada, EU, and Japan.


5,220 Projects Completed

Author of over 5000 articles on medical topics with an emphasis on framing the questions patients need to ask their doctors. Collaborated with an SEO specialist to write 1194 search-optimized articles on current medical topics for steadyhealth.com over 10 years, testing various SEO strategies to keep up with changes on Google. Recently published articles on genetic engineering for cancer treatment, distillation of non-psychogenic components of cannabis, and B2B blogging for chemical coating and electroplating industry.

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2,057 Projects Completed

Developed empathetic style of writing to complement SEO skills to help create communities of daily readers initially arriving at site by search engines. Specialist telling stories of physicians, dentists, therapists, and entrepreneurs.


75 Projects Completed

Author of 60 and ghost author of over 100 ebooks on diet, exercise, complementary therapies, natural products, individual medical issues, and medical research design. Industry-wide reputation for honest presentation of evidence-based claims. Specialist in framing medical information to encourage cooperation between doctors and patients.


9 Projects Completed

Co-author of two and sole author of three conventionally published books on natural medicine. Experienced in radio, television, print, and online promotion. Did nationwide publicity tours for Healing without Medication. Learned skills of easy rapport with agents, publishers, publicists, and editors.

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