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Cindy's is a full time substance abuse counselor and part-time writer. her favorite topics to write about are health, saving money and personal finance. She especially loves researching and writing about new topics. She has been writing since 2010 and has published numerous articles on various sites. In her free time she enjoys reading, her two cats, the outdoors, horseback riding, volunteering and crafts.


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Much of Cindy's knowledge in this area comes from the studies she took while in school and from working in a medical facility. Although she has no formal medical training, she researches topics new to her extensively when writing about them.


Cindy began looking for ways to earn extra money online when she was out of work and going to school. She loves to share her knowledge of legitimate, rewarding online work with others. From doing online surveys to writing articles to selling her handcrafted jewelry, she has managed to supplement her income when she needed it most.


Much of Cindy's experience in this field comes from her own experiences in living a healthy, natural lifestyle. She does extensive research on diets, herbal supplements and medicines that can help a person maintain a healthy way of life.

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