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Cheryl C
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Cheryl C earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from Southern University in Baton Rouge. She was a state auditor and a financial analyst for a major microprocessor manufacturing company before embarking on her writing and copyediting career, which began in 2006.

She has ghostwritten numerous articles for small businesses covering topics on dental health, hair care products, weddings, sports careers and retirement plans. Cheryl C writes business articles for Chron.com, AZCentral.com and other online sites addressing topics for small business owners ranging from accounting, taxes, payroll and business practices to summer programs for business students.



She is a freelance copy editor with a community college system and an online fashion magazine. As a copy editor Cheryl C edits, rewrites and improves presentation, tone and conciseness of newsletters, documents and programs for board member meetings, conferences and online publication.


Cheryl C is a member of Editorial Freelancers Association and American Copy Editors Society. She wants to continue expanding her writing career into copywriting for other related areas of business and human resources while taking on other challenging topics.


Southern University

The college of business program is designed to provide the skills needed by emerging business leaders for a rapidly changing environment.


7 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Cheryl C has written various business-related articles using her experience and educational background in accounting. Some of the topics include accounts receivable insurance, liquidation distributions, company registration documents, sales taxes and payroll tax systems.


3 Projects Completed

Having worked in the business profession for ten years, Cheryl C is familiar with career topics and has written articles about telemarketing, specific career pursuit paths and engaging customers with relevant information in emails.


3 Projects Completed

Cheryl C has written articles addressing the health benefits of dental care and bacterial links to tooth decay. The content focused on the consumption of particular foods and the correlation between regular and proper dental hygiene and other serious health conditions. She has also written on topics relating to preventive services also known as well-care.


2 Projects Completed

Cheryl C has written about topics related to haircare and skincare. She has researched current trends in facial rejuvenation procedures as well as the pros and cons of hair treatment products for straight and curly hair.


7 Projects Completed

Researching topics and gathering the most relevant details and facts for articles is a skill that Cheryl C provides to clients. She has experience writing easy to read articles in conversational tones for any audience.

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