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Amber's writing career started in 2002 when she became a freelance reporter for a local newspaper. As her experience grew, she began writing for magazines and local businesses. Over the years, her career path has shifted in several directions – construction at a non-profit children’s camp, farming and more – but writing remained a central part of her life.

Today, she enjoys the life of a full-time freelance writer. She blogs and writes copy, and her work has appeared all over the web and in print media. She regularly contributes to the Farmers’ Almanac and her work is soon to be featured in Pat Stone’s award-winning GreenPrints magazine.

Amber’s diverse background lets her write about a variety of topics: construction, architecture, gardening, agronomy, the environment and more. She has also studied social psychology, which gives her deep insights into the consumer decision-making process. With this knowledge, she creates compelling, provocative content that entices readers as it educates them. Amber also enjoys writing the occasional hard-hitting news piece, research-driven white paper or fact-packed infographic outline. The AP Stylebook is her constant companion, but she is also familiar with Chicago and MLA styles.

Writing, renovating, organic gardening and farming – those things have occupied the majority of Amber’s time, but she also has a few notable interests that she loves to cover. She is an award-winning fine art photographer and she gets involved in an endless variety of crafts and DIY projects. From quilts to fine wine to furniture, if you can make it at home, Amber has probably tried – or at least considered it!

You’ll find that as a writer, Amber is easygoing. She works hard to find the voice and style that matches each client and she thoroughly enjoys collaborative projects. If you like to toss around ideas or pass a draft back and forth until it’s been revised to perfection, Amber is the writer for you! Send her a message to learn more about her availability and the types of work she is currently accepting.


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Industry Projects

  • Construction100+
  • Home Living100+
  • Agriculture100+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Garden50+
  • Health50+
  • Green Products50+
  • Green Living50+
  • Craft20+
  • Outdoor/Recreation20+
  • Hobby20+
  • Medical20+
  • Pets20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Amber spent seven years working as part of a team to remodel campground facilities. During that time, she completely renovated 14 bathrooms, from bare studs all the way to the finish work. She has also installed new kitchens and updated existing kitchens. For each kitchen and bathroom, Amber milled custom woodwork out of reclaimed barn flooring.

While Amber has worked on a wide variety of construction projects, her particular specialties are plumbing, drywall and flooring. Her experience makes her quite comfortable when writing about a variety of construction subjects, including Manual J HVAC installations, ADA-compliant living quarters and more!

Home Living

Amber's extensive work as a renovator gives her a lot of experience when it comes to remodeling and home decor. She is particularly experienced with plumbing and bath installations as well as stone, ceramic and porcelain tiling. Amber's hands-on knowledge lets her write great articles about a wide variety of remodeling, construction and interior design subjects.


As a rural Ohioan, Amber has spent her entire life living and working on farms. She is an animal expert, having raised everything from chickens to goats to horses. She has also worked closely with several local veterinarians. In addition, she is knowledgeable about most types of farm machinery and she has spent countless hours making hay, planting corn and more.

When it comes to writing about agriculture, Amber is happy to tackle just about any topic, from hobby farming to large-scale land management. Whether you’re looking for a writer that understands the intricacies of the farm-to-table process or someone that can show your readers how to raise a thriving flock of hens, Amber is happy to help!

Real Estate

Amber is slightly obsessed with all things housing. She keeps an eye on her local real estate market and she can walk your readers all the way through the buying or selling process – from updating the home to closing day. She also has some experience with different home loan products, including FHA, VA and USDA loans.

And, if you need enticing property descriptions, Amber is happy to help. Send her a few photos or a virtual tour and she’ll put her creativity and copywriting skills to work for you!


Throughout the summer, you’ll often find Amber up to her elbows in dirt. She’s an enthusiastic organic gardener and she knows just what it takes to grow, can and preserve healthy, delicious produce. Her knowledge isn’t limited to vegetable gardening, either. She’s also very knowledgeable about trees, flowers, shrubs and landscaping. She has been a part of two different forest management programs and she has taken on large commercial landscaping projects. She also has some experience with aquascaping and fish husbandry in both wild and ornamental settings.

Amber writes gardening stories regularly for the Farmers’ Almanac, and her garden writing is soon to appear in the award-winning GreenPrints magazine. If you need a proven, published author to write blog posts or feature articles, send her a message!


Health and wellness are very important to Amber, and she has covered a variety of subjects such as women's health, diet and exercise, bone and joint health and mental health. Accuracy is her primary concern. She will not write about pseudoscience or products, drugs and diets that are unproven. Her work is research-driven, backed by scientific studies and medically-approved resources. As a former emergency medical technician and doctor's aide, she can easily decipher complex medical terminology, which helps her produce content that your readers will understand and enjoy!

Green Products

Amber strives to live green every day. She knows how to cut back on energy usage, find eco-friendly alternatives to common disposable products, and she is an expert when it comes to recycling. She purchases goods made from sustainable resources whenever possible, and grows most of her own vegetables. With this experience, Amber is a voice of authority on all things green!

Green Living

Amber works hard to live an environmentally friendly life. She is always finding new ways to cut energy use and recycle everyday items. Amber also loves to stay current on new technology - especially green vehicles and home automation. Her particular "green" specialty is organic gardening and home food preservation. Amber strongly believes that responsibly grown food sources are instrumental in protecting our health and the environment!


Amber enjoys working on a variety of arts and crafts. Quilting and crocheting are two of her mainstays, but she also loves to make mixed media art from recycled items like paper towel tubes, buttons and whatever else she can find. She can create excellent how-to articles that are easy to follow and rich with detail.


Amber isn't sure which she loves more: being outdoors or writing about the outdoors. She loves to fish, camp, hike and bike, and she's full of friendly advice about all four activities. Whether you're looking for profiles of the best fishing or camping destinations, or how-to articles about outdoor activities, Amber is always happy to help.


While Amber can turn nearly anything into a hobby, there are a few things that fascinate her endlessly. She is an award-winning photographer, and she loves to create items for the home. She quilts, crochets and paints, and she has been known to work on miniatures and model railroads. When she's not engaged in one of those activities, you can sometimes find her trawling farm auctions in search of interesting antiques to collect. She's willing to give anything a try, and it's this attitude that makes her an amazing hobby writer!


Amber likes to take a technical approach to medical writing. She explores topics in-depth to provide readers with quality facts and helpful statistics about diseases, treatments and more. Unless an encyclopedic tone is required, Amber writes with compassion so that people in search of answers feel more comfortable as they learn about the conditions that affect them.


Amber owns three incorrigible cats, and she is a country girl at heart, which means she's had everything from pet hamsters to pet horses. She has written on subjects including training, basic care, animal behavior and psychology, veterinary concerns - even posts decrying the horrors of puppy mills. Amber cares about animals of all kinds, and she will work hard to create informative, insightful and powerful content for you.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article500+
  • Advertisement100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Amber specializes in creating amazing blog posts for her clients. She knows how to craft content that is engaging and informative. She loves to use a conversational, sometimes humorous style, but she is also adept at writing in an authoritative tone. Amber has blogged about anything from home and garden topics to insurance, real estate and more.


Amber has written hundreds of research-driven articles for clients across a wide range of industries. Not only is her content informative and easy to read, but it is also formatted to look good at first glance. Where appropriate, Amber keeps paragraphs short and sweet, and she uses subheadings and bullet points as a way to create visually appealing content that readers find very attractive.


Amber is an excellent copywriter, with hundreds of advertisements, product descriptions, company profiles and more under her belt. She has produced copy across a variety of industries, and she is very skilled at using both subtle and overt sales language that turns skeptics into buyers. If you need provoking advertisements, Amber is your writer.

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