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Are you looking for a writer who is easy to work with and has years of experience? Amber is the right fit for you. Count on her to work with you to find the precise voice and style your target audience craves.

Among other things, Amber has been freelancing since 2002, when she became a journalist for a local newspaper in addition to her full time job as an emergency medical technician. Over the past 18 years, she’s gained writing experience through a variety of outlets: regional newspapers, internationally published magazines, and businesses ranging from local to global. She’s as comfortable working with Fortune 500s as with mom-and-pop shops.

By 2012, she was working as a construction manager while still writing on the side. Opportunity came her way, and she seized it, transitioning to life as a full time freelance writer. These days, she creates a variety of assets, including blog posts, marketing copy, feature articles and more. Her bylines feature in numerous places. She regularly contributes to the Farmers’ Almanac, and she’s been featured prominently as an author for Alonovus Publications and Pat Stone’s award-winning GreenPrints magazine.

Diversity is perhaps the most prominent theme in Amber’s life. She knows no limits, and as time has gone by, she’s gotten involved in so many different things. A musician, an award-winning photographer, a mildly obsessive crafter and DIYer, formerly a farm manager who covered the regional agricultural beat for her newswire — you name it, she’s tried it, and those experiences guide her writing today. In her spare time, she’s studied social psychology to gain deep insights into the customer decision making process, and she channels what she has learned into the content that she creates for your clients.

That is the most important thing to know about Amber. Above all else, she enjoys learning and trying new things, which is why she doesn’t hesitate to tackle projects in a broad variety of sectors.

Ready to learn more about what Amber can do for you? Feel free to browse her profile. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to send her a message. She’s always happy to bounce ideas around!
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With nearly 20 years of experience, there isn’t much Amber hasn’t written about. However, there are certain topics that number among her specialties. These include:

- Agriculture and agronomy
- Arts and crafts
- Beauty
- Commercial and residential construction
- Engineering as it relates to construction and building systems
- Fitness and wellness
- Garden and landscaping
- Home living and lifestyle
- Marketing including B2B, B2C, DTC, digital marketing, and more

She’s also no stranger to a broad variety of asset types, including journalism, blogs, feature articles, product descriptions, case studies, and more.

The majority of the content that Amber produces is written in accordance with AP Style. However, upon request, she can also create copy in Chicago, MLA, and APA styles.


Amber’s personal pursuits are just as diverse as every other part of her life. You’ve seen how she’s into powerlifting, music, photography, and a variety of other things. But when she’s not engaged in one of these activities, you might find her gaming, hiking, gardening, or engrossed in a craft project of some type. She also loves to cook — which often means creating her own recipes. In short, there’s very little Amber hasn’t done or isn’t willing to try!


Ohio State University

Amber studied English and Journalism at Ohio State University. From there she went on to begin her writing career in newspapers and magazines.


1,016 Projects Completed

Construction numbers among Amber’s top specialities — and not just as a writer. Prior to her transition into writing full time, she spent close to a decade working in construction. In this role, she managed a crew responsible for remodeling commercial buildings at a campground facility: homes, cabins, a full-service commercial kitchen, pool house and other facilities. This gives her hands-on expertise that she uses to cover a variety of subjects, including but not limited to general construction, plumbing, electrical, engineering and HVAC.

Given her experience, Amber speaks with authority on these topics. Count on her to deliver the exact content you need, be it a highly technical piece geared toward developers, contractors and other professionals, or a conversational piece designed to inform and entertain homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Home Living

260 Projects Completed

Amber's extensive work as a renovator gives her a lot of experience when it comes to remodeling and home decor. She is particularly experienced with plumbing and bath installations as well as stone, ceramic and porcelain tiling. Amber's hands-on knowledge lets her write great articles about a wide variety of remodeling, construction and interior design subjects.


233 Projects Completed

Amber’s interest in gardening started in childhood and hasn’t waned in the decades since those days. She’s a big believer in growing her own fruits and vegetables, and she is also instructive on landscaping, lawn care, home food preservation, and everything else related to gardening. With this experience, she has gone on to become a well-known writer in the gardening sphere. There are several popular gardening pieces in her bylined portfolio, both for print and online publications — including digital features that have gone viral.


166 Projects Completed

As a rural Ohioan, Amber has spent her entire life living and working on farms. She is an animal expert, having raised everything from chickens to goats to horses. She has also worked closely with several local veterinarians. In addition, she is knowledgeable about most types of farm machinery and she has spent countless hours making hay, planting corn and more.

When it comes to writing about agriculture, Amber is happy to tackle just about any topic, from hobby farming to large-scale land management. Whether you’re looking for a writer that understands the intricacies of the farm-to-table process or someone that can show your readers how to raise a thriving flock of hens, Amber is happy to help!

Real Estate

128 Projects Completed

Amber is slightly obsessed with all things housing. She keeps an eye on her local real estate market and she can walk your readers all the way through the buying or selling process – from updating the home to closing day. She also has some experience with different home loan products, including FHA, VA and USDA loans.

And, if you need enticing property descriptions, Amber is happy to help. Send her a few photos or a virtual tour and she’ll put her creativity and copywriting skills to work for you!


106 Projects Completed

Food is one of Amber’s favorite specialites. In her spare time, she enjoys creating nutritious recipes — and there are few foods she won’t try. She’s written extensively about traditional foods of all types as well as food history, ingredient profiles, nutrition and cultural cuisines. Some of her most popular pieces in this niche feature prominently among major online and print publications.


104 Projects Completed

A large share of Amber’s writing revolves around entertainment. This isn’t limited to articles about entertaining activities that you can do with your friends and family, either — although she loves writing these things, too. You will also find her happily covering games, movies, books, trivia, history and all else that is fun.


102 Projects Completed

Over the years, Amber has dabbled in a broad variety of art mediums and craft projects. Watercolors, digital art, crocheting, needlework, mixed media projects—the list goes on! Some of these things, like photography, she has pursued to a professional level. If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable in techniques, color theory, compositional rules, and all the rest of the details that go into creating a new project, then Amber is the writer for you. In particular, she enjoys developing tutorials and exploring the tools, kits and other necessities needed to work within various mediums.

Green Products

83 Projects Completed

Amber strives to live green every day. She knows how to cut back on energy usage, find eco-friendly alternatives to common disposable products, and she is an expert when it comes to recycling. She purchases goods made from sustainable resources whenever possible, and grows most of her own vegetables. With this experience, Amber is a voice of authority on all things green!


75 Projects Completed

Having spent half her life in rural Ohio, Amber knows all kinds of ways to get outside and have some fun. Hunting, fishing, foraging — that’s just the beginning. She enjoys hiking, biking, and the occasional fun run on an ATV, too. She’ll show your outdoorsy readers how to live wild.


68 Projects Completed

Sparkle and shine are the centerpieces of Amber’s life. She’s a beauty guru who can’t resist testing all of the latest and greatest beauty products. With this experience, she’s knowledgeable about all the biggest brands today. Urban Decay, Guerlain, Colourpop, and more — name one, and chances are, she’s intimately familiar with the product lineup.

Beauty goes beyond makeup, and that’s why she’s also highly educated in skincare science, hair care, and nail care. Ask her how to water marble nails, and she’ll gladly provide you with an in-depth tutorial. And she’s happy to discuss the merits of AHAs, BHAs, retinol and hyaluronic acid into the wee hours of the morning.


63 Projects Completed

With an eye for trends and richly descriptive words, Amber will become your go-to fashion writer. This is a topic she enjoys, and one that she covers from time to time over the course of her freelance travels. Among bylined work, she’s discussed traditions like why we’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day — and she’s also created product descriptions for fashion brands, website copy and other assets.

Green Living

54 Projects Completed

Amber works hard to live an environmentally friendly life. She is always finding new ways to cut energy use and recycle everyday items. Amber also loves to stay current on new technology - especially green vehicles and home automation. Her particular "green" specialty is organic gardening and home food preservation. Amber strongly believes that responsibly grown food sources are instrumental in protecting our health and the environment!


50 Projects Completed

Amber has covered energy extensively. This includes alternative forms of energy--such as Amish communities relying on ice blocks for refrigeration--and modern energy, like net-zero building, solar power, and other modern solutions. She particularly enjoys approaching these topics from either scientific or community-based standpoints because she loves illustrating how new energy technology works, and how it benefits communities and individuals.


50 Projects Completed

Where cooking is concerned, you name it, Amber has tried it. She enjoys testing new recipes, experimenting with unusual ingredients, and she even dabbles in mixology on occasion. As a writer, she’s covered cuisine and beverages extensively in regional and international publications. Whether it’s farm-to-table food or rare gourmet treats, she speaks on this subject with authority.


49 Projects Completed

Amber is a country girl at heart, which means she’s had experience with almost every kind of animal imaginable, from hamsters to horses. Basic care, feeding, training and so on—these topics come second nature to her. She’s written for veterinarians, pet websites, and she’s published a few pet-oriented pieces through the Farmers’ Almanac, too. Because she cares about animals of all kinds—often preferring them to people—she’ll work hard to create informative and insightful content.


44 Projects Completed

While Amber can turn nearly anything into a hobby, there are a few things that fascinate her endlessly. She is an award-winning photographer, and she loves to create items for the home. She quilts, crochets and paints, and she has been known to work on miniatures and model railroads. When she's not engaged in one of those activities, you can sometimes find her trawling farm auctions in search of interesting antiques to collect. She's willing to give anything a try, and it's this attitude that makes her an amazing hobby writer!


26 Projects Completed

Women’s rights are an important topic of conversation. That’s one reason why Amber has spent much time studying intersectional feminism. Awareness surrounding feminism and equal rights is growing, and Amber seeks to further empower women through her writing. She has been known to feature women prominently in her published work, particularly those who face the challenges that come with working in male dominated fields. In fact, Amber herself has worked in heavily male dominated fields like construction — and she knows how it feels to face sharply drawn lines based on gender. Everyone should have an equal voice no matter what.


10 Projects Completed

Amber smash! OK, she might have gotten a little carried away there. Point is, she’s a powerlifter, one who loves all things fitness. Crossfit? Yeah, she’s done it. HIIT? Three times a week! Pilates? Even lifters need a little flexibility in their lives, no? One of her primary goals is to lift on a competitive level—and with that, she deeply enjoys trying out and writing about all sorts of exercises. After all, an active body helps keep her mind—and her busily typing fingers—at peak performance, too.


1,555 Projects Completed

Articles take many forms. Some are feature pieces, meant to be showcased on the front page of a website or to be published in print. There are also pillar pages designed to give readers an overview of a given topic, then invite them to read deeper among the articles you have included in support of your pillars. In any case, all articles share one thing in common: They are meant to inform.

Over the years, Amber has written hundreds of articles for clients across a wide range of industries. She focuses on the end goal, which is to inform, but she also keeps in mind that these pieces need to be designed with your readership or target audience in mind. Provide her with your slant or customer personas, and she will craft a piece ideally suited to your needs.

Blog Post

1,188 Projects Completed

Amber specializes in creating amazing blog posts for her clients. She knows how to craft content that is engaging and informative. She loves to use a conversational, sometimes humorous style, but she is also adept at writing in an authoritative tone. Amber has blogged about anything from home and garden topics to insurance, real estate and more.


504 Projects Completed

Advertising is a tricky business, one that requires striking a careful balance. Hard sales chase customers away, but you can’t go too far the other way and risk weak copy, either. You need a writer with a strong voice and creative flair to craft content that elicits the desired effect, be it to make a sale or to drive conversions. Amber is experienced in developing product descriptions, print advertisements, calls to action and other types of promotional content designed to showcase your products and services.


51 Projects Completed

It can be tricky to write a biography or profile just right. The key? It’s in getting to know you. You need a writer capable of understanding who you are and what you do — then distilling that information into content that captures your essence. Count on Amber to help you make the right impression. She has experience writing profiles for companies, artists, entrepreneurs and more.

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