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Amber K
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Are you looking for a writer who is easy to work with and has years of experience? Amber is the right fit for you. Count on her to work with you to find the precise voice and style your target audience craves.

Among other things, Amber has been freelancing since 2002, when she became a journalist for a local newspaper in addition to her full time job as an emergency medical technician. Over the past 18 years, she’s gained writing experience through a variety of outlets: regional newspapers, internationally published magazines, and businesses ranging from local to global. She’s as comfortable working with Fortune 500s as with mom-and-pop shops.

By 2012, she was working as a construction manager while still writing on the side. Opportunity came her way, and she seized it, transitioning to life as a full time freelance writer. These days, she creates a variety of assets, including blog posts, marketing copy, feature articles and more. Her bylines feature in numerous places. She regularly contributes to the Farmers’ Almanac, and she’s been featured prominently as an author for Alonovus Publications and Pat Stone’s award-winning GreenPrints magazine.

Diversity is perhaps the most prominent theme in Amber’s life. She knows no limits, and as time has gone by, she’s gotten involved in so many different things. A musician, an award-winning photographer, a mildly obsessive crafter and DIYer, formerly a farm manager who covered the regional agricultural beat for her newswire — you name it, she’s tried it, and those experiences guide her writing today. In her spare time, she’s studied social psychology to gain deep insights into the customer decision making process, and she channels what she has learned into the content that she creates for your clients.

That is the most important thing to know about Amber. Above all else, she enjoys learning and trying new things, which is why she doesn’t hesitate to tackle projects in a broad variety of sectors.

Ready to learn more about what Amber can do for you? Feel free to browse her profile. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to send her a message. She’s always happy to bounce ideas around!
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