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Caroline "Carrie" B
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As pastor in a progressive mainline church for 27 years, Carrie has written 15-20 minute sermons almost every week. Known for making scripture relevant to daily life, her style is straight-forward, conversational and often humorous. She also writes church newsletter articles, skits, liturgy, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, essays, and occasional magazine articles. Her first novel (for young adults) themed on African ancestry is waiting to be published.

Acting and writing on social justice is her strongest suit, including such topics as: eco-justice and climate change; international relations; multiculturalism and racism; biracial families; mental illness, mental health and community resources; disaster response and planning; inequality of wealth ownership; refugees; education in sub-Saharan Africa; and women's issues. She has lived in Mexico and Hawaii, and visited the Republic of South Sudan (RSS), birthplace of her husband of 27 years. She loves playing with and reading out loud to children, researching word origins, playing word games, swimming, hiking, watching soccer and track (as played by college-aged daughters), singing in community chorales and around the piano, and listening to all genres of music especially jazz (as performed by her bass-playing son.) If she could study one subject in depth, it would be the influence of genetics on human behavior and how to cultivate compassion in the human species within the context of changing mores and threatening world crises.

Carrie's father, an attorney, taught her to write during high school: how to choose words, craft and simplify sentences, and check back both for mistakes and for possible improvements. His training carried her easily through the Ivy League and the decades beyond.

Fortunately she has had the opportunity to continue writing throughout her career as a church pastor and to pass on the love of writing to her own children.
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