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Caroline "Carrie" B
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As pastor in a progressive mainline church for 27 years, Carrie has written 15-20 minute sermons almost every week. Known for making scripture relevant to daily life, her style is straight-forward, conversational and often humorous. She also writes church newsletter articles, skits, liturgy, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, essays, and occasional magazine articles. Her first novel (for young adults) themed on African ancestry is waiting to be published.

Acting and writing on social justice is her strongest suit, including such topics as: eco-justice and climate change; international relations; multiculturalism and racism; biracial families; mental illness, mental health and community resources; disaster response and planning; inequality of wealth ownership; refugees; education in sub-Saharan Africa; and women's issues. She has lived in Mexico and Hawaii, and visited the Republic of South Sudan (RSS), birthplace of her husband of 27 years. She loves playing with and reading out loud to children, researching word origins, playing word games, swimming, hiking, watching soccer and track (as played by college-aged daughters), singing in community chorales and around the piano, and listening to all genres of music especially jazz (as performed by her bass-playing son.) If she could study one subject in depth, it would be the influence of genetics on human behavior and how to cultivate compassion in the human species within the context of changing mores and threatening world crises.

Carrie's father, an attorney, taught her to write during high school: how to choose words, craft and simplify sentences, and check back both for mistakes and for possible improvements. His training carried her easily through the Ivy League and the decades beyond.

Fortunately she has had the opportunity to continue writing throughout her career as a church pastor and to pass on the love of writing to her own children.
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Carrie specializes in writing the spoken expository word. Her prose is usually persuasive, arguing an opinion or a particular viewpoint. She also enjoys writing descriptive and sometimes humorous essays of travel, events or news stories. Story-telling in the form of skits, children's books, parables and longer fiction has long been her avocation.


- Social justice (climate change, international relations, refugees, mental illness, disaster response, women's issues, third-world education, poverty, hunger, local food and economies, etc.)
- Children: playing, reading, educating
- Human nature, and encouraging compassion through development of spirituality
- Meditation and changing consciousness
- Genetics and genealogy
- Mexico, South Sudan, Hawaii
- Swimming, hiking
- Singing, music


Yale University

Carrie jumped from being the big fish (valedictorian) in her public high school to being a slightly overwhelmed little fish in the Ivy League. She found her place by singing and by studying people and cultures through Anthropology and American Studies, emphasizing children, elders, and communities.

Pacific School of Religion

Carrie completed the normal three year course of study for theological education, including history, pastoral care, theology, worship, Biblical studies, ethics, and field education as well as electives in social justice and music.


1,000 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Carrie wrote sermons (orally delivered) weekly during 27 years as a parish pastor, estimated as more than 1000 sermons (40 wks x 25 yrs). No single sermon was "paid" per se, but all were included as part of her salary.

Carrie wrote newsletter articles for the newsletter of the church and of the denomination, both print and web, on many topics:

climate change, refugees, mental health, church and mission in South Sudan, children's curriculum and skits, social justice, faith, parental leave, and the occasional poem or hymn


12 Projects Completed

Carrie has written within church and non-profit circles about the dire need for education - and especially the need to teach English - in South Sudan. Their new nation has declared English as their official language, but many citizens who have returned from diaspora are unable to speak the language.


12 Projects Completed

Humor is a very important element in preaching. Carrie has also found it helpful in other venues, such as newsletter articles and skits.

Non Profit

12 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Carrie has written many articles, letters to the editor, and fund-raising materials for various non-profit efforts in which she has been involved over the years. She is often the board or committee member who take notes, organizes ideas, and decides what kind of communication will be most effective.

For example: recently, she founded and chaired a non-profit longterm recovery group (LTRG) after the flood from Tropical Storm Irene destroyed more than 190 mobile homes in her hometown. Many pieces had to be written in connection with this effort: news articles for the local paper and church newsletters; fund-raising materials; mission-statements; etc. None of these were "paid" per se; they were all part of the work of leading this new nonprofit organization. (Numeral twelve entered above is just a place holder to represent the plethora of written materials.)


8 Projects Completed

Carrie wrote extensively about the comparison of parenting and pastoring during the time her children were young. The issue of parental leave was still being resolved in the world of women clergy and she was in the forefront of writing persuasive articles and suggested wording for contracts.

Unfortunately, most of this writing has disappeared on past computers.

Green Living

7 Projects Completed

Carrie has written more than six sermons on the topic of environmental stewardship and climate change. These can be shared upon request. (It is more accurate to say this writing was paid for as a part of her salary.)

She has also participated in writing resolutions and calls to action within the church on eco-justice.


2 Projects Completed

Carrie has written many articles, blogs, and letters to the editor on progressive political topics. She published an article on the issue of then-candidate Obama and the need to address the skeletons of racism in this country in "The Progressive Christian" In the summer of 2013 Carrie blogged on a similar topic: Trayvon Martin's death.


2 Projects Completed

Carrie has begun to write and blog about her recent travel experiences, especially to the republic of South Sudan.
Attached in her essay for "Writer's Access" on this subject.


1,000 Projects Completed

Carrie has written more than 1000 years in her quarter century of preaching as a progressive Christian pastor.

She has also written many other speeches for speaking at Conferences and teaching adult classes.

Newsletter Content

300 Projects Completed

Carrie has written one or more monthly newsletter articles for the three churches she has served, with varying amounts of writing and editing responsibility. These range from editorial lead-off articles to reports of events to suggestions for future action. They have been paid as part of her regular clergy wages.

Annual Report

25 Projects Completed

Carrie has written an annual report for every year that she has been the sole pastor in a church.


10 Projects Completed

Carrie has written articles for a progressive Christian magazine and for newsletters within her denomination.


1 Projects Completed

Carrie wrote an introduction in a book of essays by older Christian adults.


1 Projects Completed

Carrie contributed heavily to the rewrite of the brochure of the church which employed her.

Facebook Post

1 Projects Completed

Carrie has written MANY Facebook posts, as she is only beginning to establish her own blog.


1 Projects Completed

Carrie has written several project and grant proposals for non profit work over the years.

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